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  1. As David notes in his excellent article we see the same stuff out of Cristobal game after game. The team is rarely shows up ready to play. The in-game coaching doesn't improve. The same system is run on O with little or no change. And of course when you recruit well and the team is not playing well fans are going to question what appear to be puzzling decisions regarding the personnel on the field. I don't see Chip Kelly within a million miles of THIS. The fans weren't 'spoiled' by Kelly. Kelly had Oregon playing at a level the investment in facilities warranted. He allowed his DC to run the D. He had a staff of outstanding assistant coaches. Why should Oregon fans accept less, especially in this conference, then titles every season and trips to the playoff? Mario's product on the field represents perfectly the manner in which Mario wants to play football. If the fans don't like it, too bad. If the roster rarely plays up to its talent well, a W is a W. A guy he coached for was winning championships. Saban saw that the system-as-was would not win additional championships and changed. After Oregon defeated Ohio State Ryan Day demoted his DC, changed the system on D and made significant changes in the starting personnel. Oklahoma was being run off the field by Texas and Lincoln Riley pulled his putative Heisman winner, put in a true frosh at QB and won the game. THIS is what is called, Coaching. Oregon's last 3 opponents were Arizona, at Stanford and CAL. Ole Miss' last 3 opponents were at Alabama, Arkansas and at Tennessee. It's minor league ball versus the Majors and the Ducks can't close out a game before the bottom of the ninth. I have zero patience left for Mario, ZERO. Bringing talent into any organization is meaningless if there is inadequate leadership at the top. Yet, because I an a Ducks fan and I do respect Mario as a human being I want him to go 12-1, make the final 4 and show up in the semifinal playoff game. However, with its roster advantage, if Oregon does not win the conference in 2021, Mario should be on the hot seat. And if the Ducks do not win the conference in 2022 he should be gone. This would be what would happen in the SEC. Of course Mario is more locked into his job after he went 4-3 and the AD rewarded him with a big raise accompanied by a $9M buy out. For those who believe Mario to be a hot coaching commodity. That was once the case. Now?
  2. Signing Days are Christmas Day and then the toys don't work? Proper assembly is not attained. The children cry and ask, "Why?'
  3. Where's the love for Bowdoin College? No prima donna recruits. Recruits play more like Donna. No guys headed to the portal. Super seniors are already in medical, business or law school? NIL? Free pair of LL Bean Waders for every guy on the team. Every so often the fans in the stands outnumber the number of stray dogs on the field. However, except for New Year's Day, the per capita attendance likely equals that in the Rose Bowl for Bruins games? Cool Mascot? How about them Polar Bears! APR? Absolutely no worries. More guys in the lab than on the practice field. And the head coach doesn't need an agent or a financial advisor. He only needs a spouse who keeps a weather eye on those lobster purchases.
  4. I thought that small pox had been cured?
  5. And because the Ducks SoCal kids ball out in SoCal? See Oregon at SC in 2020.
  6. It's 85 of us versus 90,000 of them (or far less.) I like the Ducks odds. Unleash the Kraken, a/k/a MISTER T! On the way to 12-1 his is another 1 score game that Puddles pulls out of his tail feathers.
  7. Not unless you can find a time machine and go back to the before BCS days? You know, when CFB was actually played in the sunshine and you knew who signed with your team when spring practice started.
  8. Win out, yes! But that means the Orange Bowl and not the Rose Bowl. Why not play UGA, assuming the Orange Bowl goes past The Witching Hour on 12/31/21, twice in 2022? Piece of cake!
  9. U of A after Week 7 is ranked #130 out of the 130 teams ranked by The Athletic. This accomplishment takes an impressive combination of bad coaching, bad players, bad cheerleading, bad fans, bad diet, bad towel boys and bad breath. Bear Down? How about Bend Over? The CFB world is waiting with baited breath to see if a a P5 team that lost to NO Arizona at home can defeat a P5 team that lost to Montana at home? This contest's ranking on the MUST WATCH LIST? 5 - being Miss America is on your front lawn to 1 - Roseanne Barr is on your front lawn? This tilt comes in at -5. Draw the blinds because the entire Kardashian family is on your front lawn. BTW: As reported in the Seattle Times, Mr. Canine Husky has flees, ticks and ring worm. Is it any wonder that he cannot attract quality Dawgs to come play with him in Seattle.
  10. I meant to note that Coastal Carolina's L was the 48th L by a top 25 ranked team this season.
  11. OK, call yourself what you want. But I love the optimism! The price? Watching Lee Corso don the Bruins bonnet?
  12. Week 8, the first weekend on the 2021 slate with no Top 25 vs Top 25 games. But in this crazy season of upsets, you can expect more. It started last night, 10/20 , when #14 Coastal Carolina traveled to Boone, NC and was upset by App State, 30-27 Now, coming into Saturday's games, we are witness to something rarely if ever seen? 4 ranked teams are underdogs to not ranked teams. #8 Oklahoma State is +7 heading into Ames, Iowa to play 2 loss Iowa State. And OK ST is +210 Straight Up. This is a Rodney Dangerfield - like level of No Respect. 3:30 FOX #10 Oregon (say it ain't so!) +2.5 at UCLA. And I have yet to hear a CFB-expert-talking-head pick the Ducks to win this game. What do they know? 3:30 ABC #22 San Diego State +3.5 at Air Force. Puddles old buddy, Brady Hoke, has SDS rolling. But 1L AFA at altitude will not be easily shot down. 7 CBSSN #25 Purdue +3 vs Wisconsin - You beat the #2 out of Iowa. Now can you sustain this road performance at home vs a group of disappointing Badgers? 3 BTN The ACC with Clemson, Clemsoning, is up for grabs. Some ACC team has to play in the Peach Bowl, right? OOC - #16 Wake Forest - 3 at Army - At 6-0 Wake is waking up echoes not heard since the early 1970s. In Madison last Saturday, Army gave Wisconsin all it could handle. Noon CBSSN Clemson +3.5 at #23 Pitt - Holy Johnny Majors! Who turned back the clock? Is Mark May suiting up for the Panthers? Tony Dorsett? 3:30 ESPN #18 NC State -3 at Miami - The Canes have played badly but played hard for Coach Manny Diaz. This is an NC ST team that was blown out at the Pirate's Place. 7:30 ESPN 2 Closer to home. Oregon State +3 vs Utah - I think the Beavers shock the Utes in Corvallis? Utah is the leader in the Pac-12 S clubhouse but the Beavs are still in contention for the Pac-12 N. 7:30 Pac-12N Sandwich game for the Utes between coming back to beat ASU last week and playing UCLA in SLC nest week. USC +7 at #13 Notre Dame - Fortunately for the Trojans the game is on the road. Echoing the Iliad, Troy has been destroyed in its last 3 home games. A puncher's chance in South Bend? 7:30 NBC Come on Ducks! I'm in the running for the FishDuck Double Secret Probation Grand Prize if you win out. Win the day, or so they say, in LA!
  13. 30, when was the last time a Pac-12 team hired a successful, employed, P5 HC to take over the program?
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