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  1. George would take USC back in a split second, but since they are a private school there is zero chance of that. Ucla was brought up because they are getting backlash from the state.
  2. Yeah, it'll take a year or two to get things really going for SC. And of course they wont new playing all the top Big 10 teams every year, maybe half. But, the Big 10 has a deep "middle" of the conference, more so than the Pac, imho, which can make it a grind, gotta show up every week. Will be interesting to see if he is lured by the NFL. Good point!
  3. nah, he was an oregon fan, he just hated Notre Dame and hated USC for not beating them that year. We always backed the PAc-12 team.
  4. It's more competitive league for sure, but this can be offset by top recriits wanting to play in the Big Ten and not the Pac, it'll be fun to see how it goes.
  5. Thanks for reading! I've never really bought into the kids can't stay focused in LA. Kids are kids, if they're gonna screw off they're gonna screw off no matter what, whether they're living it up in a fancy club or raising hell in a cornfield. I can remember some Bon fires back in the day in the middle of nowhere. Good times! I think the kids thinking they are the greatest argument in LA could apply to all the top programs as all the top recruits have been told how great they are for a long time. I think it'll just come down the basics of coaching and recruiting.
  6. A nice walk down memory lane, I remember my dad screaming at the tv when Tollner choked away a game against Notre Dame, good times! But, with their new coach and AD, they've entered the modern age of college football, the past Trojan administrations never kept up with the top programs in the country, even during the Pete Era, they are now...
  7. Yeah, it won't happen right away, they'll need some time to recover from the Helton tenure. But, keep in mind, Pete Carroll went 6-6 in his first year, then in year 2 they went 11-2, won the Orange Bowl, and finished #4. So, it doesn't take long to get things turned around, especially now with the portal.
  8. Yeah, it'll take a couple years to recover from the Helton years, but they'll get there, unfortunately.
  9. And if the Pac get an autobid that would be even better to give the Ducks a shot at the title, we'll see...
  10. Well the past is the past. A top lineman just chose USC over Oregon because of the move to the B1G. Unfortunately, there will be more of this.
  11. I worded that a little confusing, what I meant, is that if Dillingham does really good, he'll get a head coaching gig!
  12. Yep, the stars all aligned when Chip stepped in, he would NOT catch lightning twice.
  13. Unless he and the Ducks light it up, he might be gone in half that time.
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