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  1. I knew somebody would call me out on that. I meant "in general." I figured there was probably a coach who was a rocket scientist. Thanks for pointing that out.
  2. And keep in mind, that he has a very good chance next fall to be the starting qb for the Oregon Ducks. Butterfield, Nix, AND Thompson will most likely be gone, and if Thompson stays Moore has to believe he has a great shot to beat him out. Point being: It is about the opportunity to the starter over all else. And his opportunity to start for a top program is very high.
  3. When did I become the beacon of optimism around here? Lol. I don't see at it as a dumpster fire at all, I also don't necessarily see as a "sleeping giant" as some label it. But, you can be successful there. Arizona has a lot of quality in state talent, if he can keep a higher percentage of those kids at home, then they will be just fine. Kids just haven't had a reason to stay in-state, now they do. And with the transfer portal, watch out! Heck, I think Thorton might head there to be a No. 1 receiver. Wasn't OSU a dumpster fire 5 years ago? Well, if you're the right guy, things turn out pretty good. Have faith, peeps!
  4. Dilly has absolutely nothing to lose. If he succeeds, then end of story. If not, he'll be labeled as not being experienced enough and then will go back to being an OC for a high-end program. Then, after a few more years and seasoning, he'll get another HC job offer. Go for it, Dilly!!!!
  5. Yup, and hopefully the Ducks can take that next step to where 10 is the acceptable minimum. Boy, would we be spoiled!
  6. That certainly would leave a bitter-sweet taste in the mouths of many, many Duck fans. I can't argue with your "asterik" argument.
  7. No problemo. Glad you are having a housefull for the game, sounds like a good time!
  8. A little Fleetwood Mac just popped into my head. thanks
  9. Certainly one game doesn't define a season, but since it is that last game of the year it will play a vital part of how we look at the season since getting to double-digit 10 wins is a significant achievement, a benchmark.
  10. I don't think it would be a bad move. If he turns out to be a good head coach, then ASU is a stepping stone job. He's not going to have go 11-1 or 10-2. He's going to first get them back to 6-6 then maybe start winning 7 or 8 games. People will see the turn around and then he'd start getting offers from bettter programs. Yes, the sanctions, future employers will take that into consideration. He's got to have what it takes he'll get them to 6-8 wins. That's all it will take to get a better offer in 3-4 years. He's a bright guy, he'll get it done. And who knows, he could be the program savior and end up being an ASU lifer like Smith at OSU. He's from there, maybe that's his dream.
  11. Totally agree. Reminds me of my article 5 years ago after Herbert got hurt. And, in 2017, my 2019 prognostication here wasn't too far off. haha. And, I love that Mel Brooks scene I posted in this. Ducks' Season Becomes One Big "What Might Have Been" FISHDUCK.COM The Oregon Ducks played solid defense but, without star quarterback Justin Herbert, didn't have the offensive power to match the Washington State Cougars.
  12. Hahaha, stone cold sober actually. Ducks have the best talent in the Pac-12. No USC, Utah at home, some feared BYU but I didn't. I figured a loss to Georgia and 1 Pac-12 foe would be about right. Lanning struck me from the get-go as being much better than Mario, and Mario did well.
  13. Agree on the QB situation. If Thompson or Butterfield had "it," they would have shown it by now. Almost every good Oregon QB over the years showed potential right off the bat, but Thompson has not. Transfer portal for sure and we have the 5-star recruit coming in. I mean, if you're a good qb looking for a home wouldn't you be interested in playing at Oregon? I would think so. And, the pay probably isn't too shabby.
  14. For sure, definitely a team with character win.
  15. I loved the game, a W is a W, and it was exciting. But, not the prettiest of games, for sure.
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