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  1. I think the biggest threat to the Ducks right now is The Beevs. Don’t expect there will be allot of room for Duck fans in the Big Dip this year. In other words, We Win Out and Face UCLA in the Championship. UCLA is a much more complete team than SUC and Utah will be the first team to keep us under 40 points but still come up two tds short. Minus a tragic injury we will be looking at a rematch with Georgia in the first game of the Playoffs. Huck the Fuskies!
  2. I am thrilled with the success Lanning and company are having! It was a terrific hire and indeed we wouldn’t have got him had Coach Wilcox accepted the position. Justin has proven he has some great coaching chops in his stints with Petersen as well as bringing optimism to a Cal program with very limited resources. i am not wishing, at this point that he had accepted the position in Eugene, but I would not suggest that he wouldn’t have done very well in Eugene! I see him as a very gritty gritty defensive minded coach similar to Whittingham. What success might have he had in Eugene with the facilities and resources? I choose to believe that he would have done well. We’ll never know. I think the downside and microscope of being a hometown coach must have been a very large influence on his decision. Go Ducks!!
  3. Thank You for what you do! Tell you’re wife how much we appreciate her tolerance of a bunch of deranged Duck Fans!
  4. For me; I’m more offended by the article than I am watching our cheerleaders! Seriously! Our cheerleaders give off a rather tasteful but sexy vibe. So what. As far as In concerned our entire program is “sexy” and it is obviously paying dividends! https://sicovers.com/featured/university-of-oregon-qb-jason-fife-september-29-2003-sports-illustrated-cover.html
  5. Welcome to Our Beloved Ducks Forum.. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    1. RealtimeDuck


      I’m probably not a writer; but I will help anyway I am able.  I’d be happy to kick in if you have a fund Drive.  Thank you for your passion and what you have provided us for so many years!



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