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  1. Thoughts on coach Yates’ skill set, recruiting acumen, and previous results?
  2. Hire the best, pay them well, hold them accountable and...GET OUT OF THEIR WAY!!! Maybe a couple of calls with Nick are in order.
  3. Strategy/Scheme, along with Recruiting and Player Development are the biggies. Until the offense was opened up by Arroyo in Pac 12 Championship versus Utah and Rosebowl, Herbert could not show off his amazing talent NOR further develop as a QB. Since then, well... the rest is history.
  4. 2021 has the potential to be an amazing season! I’m EXCITED! As a born in Eugene, U of O grad and Passionate fan, I believe to get there...Offensive strategy has to improve. Moorhead showed flashes of brilliance last season. Not too tough to say when comparing to Arroyo’s very predictable and conservative play calling...save the Rose bowl and Pac 12 Championship when THE smartest answer was to let Herbert run. If JM is truly calling all the plays (BTW, is he?), I was mostly impressed with him given the Covid cards dealt his way. Yet, when you put Likio i, and most always do exactly what everyone thinks you are going to do, it’s likely a bit alarming for HL and fans. I was also from Missouri on the dual QB strategy in the Fiesta Bowl. I am concerned that in 2021 the offense will not be JMs more strategic and clever unit that flashed now and then in its attack and that the truly amazing talent on the field will not be utilized to its full potential. Sean Dollars? We all know that Alabama, LSU, Ohio State nor Clemson win Nattys with predictable, ground and pound approaches. We must open up the playbook, utilize our talented and smart chess players, change the frequency of and reliability on certain plays, and become less predictable. If it means JM has full play calling authority, I humbly advocate for that. If not, leaders needs to look critically at that Elephant in the room and ask why it’s Crimson and not Green. Defense does win championships BUT not without strategic, innovative and unpredictable flow to the O! Go Dux!
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