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  1. I'm not sure I agree on that. I'm from San Diego and I can assure you that UCLA does not draw an ounce of attention with SD viewers. USC isn't a whole lot better. Since the Chargers left for LA (don't get me started...) SDSU football has gained much traction in the community as the only team in town. If the Aztecs were on TV against any Pac12 team SD viewers would watch.
  2. To me expansion and Media Rights have to go hand and hand. One must elevate the other. There are some rather large media markets in the west being ignored by the Pac12. San Diego, Las Vegas, Hawaii are some just off the top of my head that are easily in the top 100 markets in the country. SDSU, UNLV, and HI all have decent (at times) athletic programs these schools could be of benefit Kliavkoff for media negotiations. But, I doubt the academia of the conference would see them as equals and fans would not accept them as competent competitors. Watching the Pac12 Network on my phone while traveling the country because no bar/restaurant has it... gets tiring. The current media coverage is simply a joke and without media coverage the Pac will never gain attention. I'm hopeful Kliavkoff can get us an upgrade regardless of whether expansion happens.
  3. My brother has been researching this a lot. He watches many videos on YouTube. I believe the channel he likes is called "World According to Briggs". This guy gives tons of different info on city or states. Like cost of living, community services, property values, etc.. He seems to know his stuff and puts in a lot or effort into his reviews. Seems to be a good source of info.
  4. I'm a homer..... But, not that much of a homer. No chance. Sorry.
  5. I hope your hopes come true! If this offense can bond and play as a unit. I feel this team can be special.
  6. As long as it doesn't affect his support of the Ducks I'm all for it!
  7. 100% agree. They have been great. Knowledgeable and good humored.
  8. How many points would your defense allow to Mario's offense? and I want the truth!
  9. I like it.... and I bet the recruits like it too!
  10. LaMichael was the best. But, you have to give a lot of credit to the great downfield blocking. That was a true TEAM.
  11. USC fans: "No, there was not NIL money for Addison"........ "There is no way Conerly would go to Oregon without a huge NIL deal"..... Oregon fans: "No, there was not NIL money for Conerly"......... "There is no way Addison would go to USC without a huge NIL deal"..... The likely truth: Conerly to Addison (and vice versa): "I love getting paid to go play ball with my friends."
  12. I go here quite often. Especially during coaching searches. Footballscoop FOOTBALLSCOOP.COM Since 1999, the premier source for coaching job information.
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