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  1. I don't like it. Feels more like pro sports than college. But, I can definitely see schools that have a tough time recruiting (like OSU and WSU) considering it. Until the rules change... use them to your advantage.
  2. I, too, noticed the lack of political statements in November on this site. This proves the site (and its rules) garner respect and that your hard work has paid off. Unfortunately, while we all were able to refrain from stating our politic views, many were unable to refrain from expressing their frustration of losing to our two most hated rivals. The one thing EVERYONE on this forum has is passion for our Ducks. Passion can bring out the best in people. But, passion with a keyboard in hand, often explodes into a heaping pile of excrement. No one person should have to shovel through that themselves. I'm so glad you have the moderators to help you and sincerely hope the web developer comes up with some code that eases your pain. We all appreciate this forum and ALL you do to provide it for us. Thank you.
  3. Sorry, I would rather be disappointed in our DBs than have Lake associated with our Ducks.
  4. 100% agree. Hopefully the game is well intact and Ty can come in the whole 4th quarter. He needs to have access to all the plays and needs to be pushed to keep scoring. No sticking him in to burn the clock.
  5. My guess 6-6 possibly 7-5. But, I guaranty it would have been very boring and very frustrating.
  6. I believe DJ was told he needed to declare for the draft or he would have to face punishment. It made his decision VERY easy.
  7. Especially when you figure he'll be kicked out for at least one half for every game. He'll make great money for the actual time played.
  8. Justin Flowe had that intensity that is fun to watch. But, no one on this team made me say "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING" more often than him. He has the athleticism of the college game. But, the game was to fast for his mind. That crazy look we always saw in his eyes often seemed more like confusion than intensity. I hope he goes to a smaller school and that it allows the game to slow down for him. He just needs more time.
  9. Good for Utah! The better program won. Congrats Ute fans.
  10. This list makes me wonder if Pac12 has great O-lines or just really bad pass rushers.
  11. Garrett Riley would be my number one choice. I'm just not sure he would be interested. I have been hesitant to mention Mark Helfrich (as Legion did). Many cringe at the idea. But, he is likely the ONLY ex head coach capable of taking back seat to someone as young as Coach Lanning. His only downside is his lack of recruiting hustle. The whole staff would need to teach him a new level of recruiting. He is likely the ONLY OC we could get that won't jump ship in a year or two.
  12. I never said our OC had to be young. I said I'm NOT hoping for a well established mentor. The majority of the play callers you mention are HC's not OC's. No one said finding the right OC would be easy. It shouldn't be. Oregon hired Dan Lanning to lead this team. He does not need someone looking over his shoulder and criticizing his decisions. He is smart enough to learn from his own mistakes. I don't care how old the OC is. I just want one that is not predictable and definitely not one that wants to play a father figure to our head coach. I feel most that have HC'ing experience would have a difficult time having a significantly younger man as their boss.
  13. I'm with you. I'm not one hoping for a well established mentor. That screams boring and predictable to me. I do not want my Ducks to be either of those things.
  14. This is a very interesting idea. I need to ponder on it for awhile. Thanks for posting it.
  15. I have been seeing statements like this quite often over the last couple weeks. I feel the need to remind everyone that even our GREAT MARCUS did not play as true freshman. Thinking Donte will is a HUGE assumption. Our last true freshman quarterback was Justin and he didn't play his freshman year until several games into the season. Ty has not proved himself ready. Donte has not proved anything at all. From this I conclude. YES, we need a seasoned QB. Hopefully (but, doubtfully) Bo. To the portal we go.
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