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  1. I wanted what M C appeared to originally be offering. I was excited, until I witnessed a couple of his first games. Since then, I’ve been waiting for M C’s departure. IMO, M C promised what he had no intention of delivering. With Dan Lanning, I know ( as much as this is possible) Oregon Football is once again destined for happy & healthy: exciting Team Play
  2. M C, for all his admirable attributes, was a near disaster for Oregon Football. I am delighted with Dan Lanning’s potential-:)
  3. Like the acceleration experienced on a world class roller coaster! Here comes the DUCKS
  4. I'm feeling like Oregon Football is about to take off! I'm sensing a cooperative responsibility that translates to winning with team passion, grace & respect. TEAM:-) Think of your favorite amusement park ride! Imagine getting to ride often---better & better-----with style. It's gonna get good around here!
  5. Seems like Husky star running back, Hugh McElhaney, received “untoward” compensation during his football activities at UW—-back in the dark ages.
  6. Another unnecessary risk to go with a weak coaching performance----again! This stuff is getting difficult to observe, seemingly, ad infinitum---
  7. There must be numerous high school FB coaches in the state of Oregon with superior game management skills. It’s appalling how regularly MC is easily out coached. Game after game. How frustrating it must be for many of the players. Extraordinary talent & facilities—-boring results! I’ve been watching Ducks football since the days of George Shaw. We seem to have an “albatross” running the show——
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