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  1. I really admire our coaches. Cristobal’s team would’ve never beat Utah. However about the time I think they’re tremendous; they do something borderline stupid.
  2. I Agee he is good coach, but not a head coach. His ego is too big.He can’t let the assistants do their jobs with out interfering.
  3. Looks like Orgeron is already laying the groundwork to be his replacement.
  4. Cristobal is now what’s he was. It just amazes me athletic directors spend millions a dollars on a person who should not ever been head coach. There was plenty in his resume to show his faults. What a blessing that have Lanning. Go Ducks
  5. Butterfield would get my nod. His receivers didn’t help him out. Bo and Ty both had their moments but were too inconsistent. It also will depend on which one the most mobile. The QB I believe will be big part of the running game. Coda mvp
  6. Duck Basketball has too many 4 & 5 stars. Each player believes he is their best chance to score. Need someone to distribute the ball instead of playing one.against five. Too easy to guard, way too much dribbling. Evidently there are no math majors. They have the talent they could still put it together and win pac-12 tournament. Go Ducks! Thanks
  7. It grieves me to say so, Arizona was better prepared than the ducks. Duck had no answer for the full court press. Arizona players played harder.
  8. According to interim coach the QB for ducks hasn’t changed. Are the other QB’s that bad? Are the ducks wanting them to transfer? I can think of no sane reason to play Brown.
  9. Let increase the coach salary and give him another 5 years extension. We sure would not want anyone else to hire him away. What a joke
  10. MC never will have higher ranking for the Ducks, Our only Hope is their another UNLV out there you will rescue us. The transfer portal will be many leaving the team. Who would want to be a receiver with the ducks? Hire Mike Leach
  11. No chance. Cristobal would have to win the pac 12 championship. Odds of that is pretty slim. LSU fans would eat him for lunch.
  12. I am Oregon alumni so my heart will always be with the ducks. If I was betting man, my money would be on the Bruins in Saturday game. The ducks have the better athletes. Ducks will be out coached. We find Stanford is just a average team. Can not get too excited about beating 1-5 team in the final seconds. It does no good to be a great recruiter if you can’t coach. Cristobal seems to have an ego problem. Maybe it my imagination but there seems to be some friction among the coaches. He is stubborn. Although Brown did a great job in the 4th quarter he did a terrible job in the 3rd. Cristobal will not change because Brown is his pick. Well; hopefully Oregon will blow out UCLA and I will be eating my words. Go Ducks!
  13. Coach drives me crazy. Arguably we are starting the worst QB in the PAC 12. The Ohio game is the only game Brown has been above average. This would be a perfect time to try a different QB.Brown seemingly wants to be the star. Close to the goal line he will not option off to a running back. The way Stanford was beat Oregon could lose two or three games in the Pac12. I hope he can turn it around but my confidence level is low.
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