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  1. I noticed you stopped before you got to the WC/toilet. Well played.
  2. I love the Matt floor. And, as always, almost every University has done some sort of upgraded graphics since the Matt was introduced. But comparing it to BSu's smurf turf, well the Matt is ours, so I think we can diss bsu for that and any number of reasons (comparing apples to prunes).
  3. 50 -20 Ducks (did you have to ask?) 2 TO 4 sacks 285 PY
  4. Actually, I think it was Jerry Azzinaro that was "forced out" if Chip wanted a new/extended contract a couple of years ago.
  5. "And yes, even an incoming freshman in the first week of the first quarter is expected to be working on a startup." Either that, or they need to go "Holmes".
  6. I confess, once I started watching I just couldn't root for ewe dub even though I previously said I would love to hang the first L on them.
  7. Agreed. Too little time left and even if you make it, a TD is no sure thing.
  8. Great piece by Jon Wilner in his hotline, probably a pay site. He talks about partnerships in Media rights (which Amazon could re-sell pieces to espn, fox, etc); travel; merchandising; ticket brokering; food service; on and on. Good read.
  9. Also, Dodd is a CBS guy who just happens to work for the company that secured BIG rights. Might him blowing smoke try to influence 1) UC regents in that hey, let ucla go since the other 4 will be following soon. 2) If the 4 join the BIG, then a West Coast division can be created and the travel issues minimized, so again Regents, set the Bruins free. 3) Torpedo current Pac 12 negotiations. 4) Click bait.
  10. Tough one . . . a ewe dub with multiple losses or dash their hopes and ranking pinning them their first L. I guess I'll go 1st L.
  11. There are lies, damn lies and statistics. The one statistic that counts is "scoreboard" and the end justifies the means! Keep these articles coming. Thx
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