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  1. Can you imagine Hebert in this offense based upon the amount of running AB is doing? Hebert probably would have pitched the ball more often ( CJ at the end of the half at Stanford) and easily progressed through the reads better.
  2. A little Jackson Pollockish with the chocolate chips. I like them.
  3. Oregon announces uniforms vs. UCLA (247sports.com)
  4. Why play the game, just use the head to head Fresno State results.
  5. I think it was the right decision. Kept ESPN from monopolizing the playoffs with no competitive bidding from Fox or CBS. 12 teams is a bad idea: 1) the 4 teams that get a bye are at a huge advantage; 2) the SEC would put a minimum of 3 teams in each year. Have you seen the way they schedule so that the haves play the have-nots every year and cannibalization is very rare where a top team in the East plays a top team from the West. Then they add in TX and OK which will be middle of the road kill for the upper teams. Lastly, when 8+ teams from the SEC are in the top 25 to start the year, it takes at least 2 Ls to get them out. The Alliance kept the leagues from raiding each other and does set up some better matchups which will lead to more $$. The expansion of the playoffs will happen and now the Alliance controls the number and the automatic bids.
  6. I agree with the statement above that this year is frustrating over disappointing SO FAR. This is Mario’s 4th year. Last year really should pretty much be thrown out. But it was similar to this year in that we don’t have an above average QB. Obviously, we did with Hebert and he was absolutely mis-used for Oregon’s purposes, and that is on Mario and his offensive coaches. I am willing to let the coaches decide when the other QBs are ready. If they aren’t, then AB shouldn’t be benched. There is no use throwing out a freshman QB who isn’t ready just so he can get reps and throwing away a season. That is what the off season is for, training. Up North they have a 5 star frosh QB sitting behind an average at best starter (not that I would ever want to compare myself to them); and, at Oklahoma, their frosh QB was the #1 HS QB in the country and is living up to that ranking. In TT’s action so far, he hasn’t looked anything close to what Caleb Williams is showing. Each year the talent is getting better. The talent around AB on both sides of the ball is better than before. Maybe we just have to wait until the QB talent equals the other talent. I don’t want to be a Mets fan and “wait until next year”, so go with what the coaches say is our best chance to win now and develop the next QB later.
  7. Booing when appropriate is not disloyalty. You paid your money (and I agree with Charles about not being able to vote with your pocketbook without cutting off your nose) and it is your choice. Reminding the team their poop stinks is not a bad thing. Just think about that emperor who tried on his new clothes because no one had the guts to tell him the truth.
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