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  1. Mari better look over his shoulder, Ruiz is going to want a good ROI (return on investment) both in Cristbal and the players he pays. Remember Maimi got rid of their last coach without an AD in place
  2. I'm assuming there will be a hefty endowment that will last for decades, not only for sports but for academics also. See Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact.
  3. Charles can tell us to whom to give credit for that phrase.
  4. No trap games this year as the prevent offense has left the room.
  5. I'm not surprised. I think it started with the uniforms and Chip added gasoline to the fire. Wherever I have traveled for the last 20 years when I wear Duck gear, the local kids usually say Oregon is their favorite, or second favorite to the local team.
  6. I don't see it. The momentum is already lost for them with the new staff. I see them as slightly better than Oregon State in regard to coaching and recruiting. Even the "great" Chris Peterson was not all that good. He beat us twice while favored 3 times. No "big bowl" wins. Add in an AD who doesn't know how/want to invest in sports. Time to lick our chops while they are licking what dogs lick (as always)!
  7. Because he didn't have to compete against an Oregon in the Big 11 plus 9 (Gotta love tMath in the 12 and 10)
  8. Good news is that this can be Exhibit "A" when the Oregon legislature complains about lack of offers to in-state kids.
  9. I just checked, it is not copyrighted. (yet)
  10. At least one coach told him to/ran him off. 'It was the best decision for me' - Men's college basketball players on why they transferred WWW.ESPN.COM There is no one unified reason that players enter the transfer portal. Here, the stories behind six men's college basketball players'...
  11. Reminds me of the first year of the challenge. Bellotti said he wasn't sure he would ever use it. Then in the first quarter of the first game it was allowed he used it when the shuffle pass was incorrectly ruled a fumble.
  12. Now let's see an article with the post season coaches poll to see how valueless pre-season polls are. Will SC see the biggest tumble?
  13. Having an "alliance" with two other power 5's might help vs the SEC if they try a power play. And, the Big 12 might want to join the alliance after the latest raid.
  14. College football should dump the NCAA, Pac-12 boss says WWW.MSN.COM Times are changing in college football, with the new transfer portal, the NIL landscape, and now open calls for the NCAA to get out of...
  15. As the sign they are holding says, "beware of dawgs"
  16. Yep, and if 'Bama hadn't blown the early lead against tosu, we would have had the Bama / Oregon matchup that we all wanted.
  17. This is a close 2nd to the Jimbo Nick feud. Except Jim won't apologize. Michigan football unveils Big Ten championship rings, with a twist SPORTS.YAHOO.COM This is too good! #GoBlue
  18. Show them the money.... NIL Summit a glimpse into the present and future of college athletes' opportunities WWW.ESPN.COM A three-day summit gave college athletes, executives, influencers and startups a chance to explore options, share ideas and raise...
  19. Being there, the only break that would have saved us was the team getting stuck in the elevator at the half.
  20. Who doesn't? And yes, he is open about it as opposed to many other programs.
  21. Sorry, not waiting that long, ship sailed last year.
  22. Welcome, and don't be. If you look at the list none of them are currently top 10 programs.
  23. ??? This isn't your Forrest Gump's Oregon. Neither can anyone else.
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