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  1. I really enjoy the CFP as it exists right now. I think that there are only a small handful of teams that have a realistic chance to win the natty in any given year. See Georgia/Alabama of last season. I don't think its necessary to add many more teams because the blowouts in the early rounds will still continue, and we will be left with the same top teams that would have made it in the original 4 team format. Even in a 12 team format, does anybody expect #12 Pitt to win vs Bama or Georgia? Let alone a 16 team field where #14 Oregon, (who just got wiped off the map by Utah) would be making the field. I think we should continue to keep the CFP at 4 teams.
  2. My dad is an alumnus of UO from the early '90s. As a young boy I said, "I'm a Ducks fan because my dad was a Duck." When I was 8 I stayed up late watching the national championship against Auburn, not really knowing anything about the team. The next year (2011) my fandom really took off. Go Ducks forever!!!!
  3. Very interesting video from Mycah talking about his decision to leave UO, and giving insight on the offensive philosophy that was...well...questionable at the least among Ducks fans
  4. The Ducks should make the playoff if they continue to win...a topic of discussion...what former college qb that took his team to the CFP or BCS title game does Anthony Brown remind you of the most?
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