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  1. Oregon 45-21 2 2 300 Score is tied at halftime because the Beavers are pumped up at home and the Ducks come out flat after big, emotional win over Utah last week. The Ducks wake up and assert their superior talent in the third quarter and then cruise through the fourth quarter to a comfortable victory.
  2. Hard to say what was up with Rising. He seemed okay physically to me (despite the bigger brace). It just seemed like he was came out a little flat and had a bit of an off night. I still love the guy though. He doesn't have off the charts talent but he's a warrior and usually finds a way to win. Just not last night. Props to the Ducks D for coming up big at critical moments.
  3. Congrats to the Ducks and their classy fans here on the FishDuck Forum. You guys earned the right to enjoy and savor a well deserved victory. Much respect. It was a painful thing for me to watch. I've got some of that taste in my mouth that you guys had last week. Good luck against the Beav's next week. I think that could be another close one. Win or lose I really love college football!!!!
  4. Hasn't he been in college for about 7 years now? Seems like it was that long ago when he was a freshman at Auburn and beat Oregon in the season opener with a long heave at the end of the game.
  5. Utah 38-37 2 1 250 I have a feeling Nix will play the whole game. He may not be 100% but the kid is tough and will play.
  6. As someone who didn't have a dog in the hunt, here's what I saw... Ducks looked much more physical and talented and had the massive momentum of that incredible Autzen crowd behind them. But as the game wore on Washington just wouldn't die. I'm not sure how they were able to continue to muster the strength to keep fighting when they were clearly outclassed by just the sheer physicality and intensity of the ducks. But they were just gritty and hung around and then got some real lucky breaks at the end....especially the Troy Franklin illegal touching penalty. If that had not been called, it would have given you guys a very realistic field goal attempt and probably an overtime victory. I think if those two teams played ten times the Ducks would win eight or nine of them.
  7. Can the Oregon Ducks beat Utah without Nix? Very unlikely. Maybe if Cam Rising gets injured in the first quarter and the Ducks defense can hold Utah to 10 points.
  8. I have mixed feeling about it too. Obviously not cool but on the other hand it's kind of like the loopholes that the IRS allows us to take advantage of on our taxes. If college football doesn't want people faking injury they need to tighten up the rule.
  9. Just wanted to stop in and wish my Fishduck Forum friends well on Saturday. Not wishing that you win, mind you, but hoping for a great game! I'm predicting a game similar to Washington last week. Two good programs slugging it out back and forth for four quarters and being decided in the final minute. In my heart of hearts if I'm honest I think you guys have a pretty good edge. Obviously being at Autzen is huge but also getting the bitter taste out of your mouth from last week is going to be super motivating. We might be coasting a little bit after crushing Stanford last week. Hopefully Coach Whittinham will have 'em fired up. Here's to a great (and injury free) game!!!!
  10. Thanks for the ute support tonight. I'll be returning the favor by rooting for the ducks against UCLA. Go Ducks! (first time I've ever typed that in my life)
  11. man that was ugly. But I'll take it. Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys
  12. Tennessee went down and got a field goal with a lot less time then this on the clock
  13. Still gotta defend a kickoff and three hail mary's
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