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  1. It's a little interesting that this largish 6'4", 225 guy is cousin to 5'7", 175 Jaylon Redd. Tilmon also ran a 4.8 40. That's scootin' for a gent his size.
  2. Young committed today to Bama. Our Ducks were so close to landing this star-to-be.
  3. Is it proper to call a football coach..."a peach"?! ... The word is descriptive of something nice, and sweet, and soft, and fuzzy. ... a tennis coach, maybe. Welcome back, coach. We really enjoy your analyses.
  4. I happen to be one of those lucky 5 guys in 1964 who won the world's first and only SmelloVision TVs. SVTV Corp...look it up...went out of business for some reason (??) before they had a chance to officially launch this amazing product. I have kept mine in working order all these many years. It was responsible for losing one marriage and winning another (fractured septum). Anyway Axel, you must have been one of the other 5 people to win one of these SVTVs back in '64. Because...you exactly nailed the stench coming from both of the Utah games. (Although...I noted just a tiny hint of Mojave-aged tuna.) Good job, brother.
  5. Hey, I'm older than all you young'uns and I think that uni is the bee's knees.
  6. I recall that NBC's 1991 purchase of the broadcast rights for Notre Dame football was hailed by many in the business as a long term business loser for ND, but a game changer for college football. Bidding wars for conference broadcast rights soon lit up the sports world. ND? They did "okay" financially, but never outdrew (dollar or) viewership much of the Saturday lineup competition. One example I'm quite aware of came in 2018 when they went undefeated, 11-0, (mostly against the Sisters of the Poor quality teams) going into the Cotton Bowl against Clemson. (Clemson held them to ONE field goal. ) But late that season, during the week of the Pitt-Notre Dame game, unopposed at the 2:30 time slot, they drew 2.8 million viewers. Not bad. But while splitting the next time slot with another game, guess who drew 3 million....Oregon vs. Washington. ND was consistently out drawn during their best (results) year in decades. So...ND is no media slouch. But they're no big deal, either. I believe what makes them so desirable to the B4,034G is all about the marketing of their history and tradition. By the way, I can say the same about USC. Their football teams have been mostly pathetic for the last 14 years now...the years since they were caught with their Pre-NIL pants down.
  7. Another great post article. Hmmm...I guess my information was wrong. I frequently hear the voice of Vin Skully whispering in my, uh, brain. HE SAID that USC and UCLA would be subsumed by a lesser Mexican soccer league. (Blocking is illegal in soccer, after all.) The Rose Bowl is now officially the Blue Agave Bowl, by the way. I understood that USC also featured a snickered return of Steve Sarkisian as mascot. Again, clearly incorrect information. OJ is the much better choice, anyway. (Ah, memories of OJ knifing through the defense.) Oh well. I had much faith in the Skully whisperer. No longer. Thanks for setting me right, Axel. (By the way, do you ice skate? With practice, I foresee a Double Axel happening.)
  8. I think it is the B16G teams that care...not USC or UCLA.
  9. Scheduling of the B16G West will be problematic, perhaps untenable, with just 2 teams 2,000 miles from any other...media markets be damned. I think the conference will be quite amenable to taking Oregon (and whoever) unless or until ND green lights joining.
  10. Charles you are both, and so much more that is good for us fans AND UO sports enlightenment. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!
  11. Clemson, Florida St., Miami, and the Sisters of the Poor would make most sense for the SEC...geographically, culturally, and financially. To me the most likely result of this money caldron is Ducks, ND, uw, and Stanford being added to the BLotsG. As I mentioned elsewhere, ND has scheduled U$C and Stanford through at least 2025 (U$C). So Stanford also makes a lot of sense for the BMillionG. It would then sew up major media, geographic and large alumni areas on the West Coast...and get the largest, most fanatic (and nutty) alumni following in the nation, Notre Dame.
  12. ND has a long running series of games with both U$C and Stanford. Those teams make sense for the B16G to snag ND while the apple is ripe. ND plays those two teams for at least the next 3 years. Even Cal is on their docket. With scheduling being a potential bug ladled in the BWhateverG soup, I'd think there is motivation for ND to give up its long lived independence. Of course the ACC may have something to say about the ND scheduling as well. All this convoluted thinking swirling around my equally convoluted brain makes me think the 4 California teams are going to the BZillionG conference. Our Ducks? I think they're ACC/Big 12 bound......with one potentially large caveat. No one is talking about the machinations of the SEC. Wouldn't we be surprised to see them grab the Ducks and Butt Sniffers, Florida St. and Clemson. as part of their national super-conference?! Well, wouldn't it?! Travel can be minimized through division scheduling. Super Conference....hmmm. It seems it's our zeitgeist and I don't like it. College sports has always been in flux. But more than that, tradition has been served. It is maddening to watch it swirl down the drain these days.
  13. Axel, you are one fine writer. Thanks for the great and entertaining read. Do you write for a living? If not...why not?!
  14. Well, now hopefully they'll at least change that goofy B1G name.
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