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  1. Charles, Thank you for continuing this experiment in intelligent and civil exchange. It has become a one stop shop for OBD news and information. As many others have stated here, this is the only Duck forum I frequent and post to. Like any other endeavor where people share ideas and information, there will always disagreement and friction. The anonymity of social media allows some to indulge in behaviors that they would never attempt in a face to face interaction. Some are just p/o'd at life, job, family and the car in front of them. They want to vent about something. It's too easy to get overly passionate about the performance of 18-22 year old student athletes and their coaches from the comfort of your couch and laptop. Someone has to moderate and it takes wisdom to insure everyone gets to exit with their dental work (and where possible, pride) intact. Thanks as well for the couple of times you have raised an eyebrow at a post of mine that ventured into blue or snarky territory. Keeping the guardrails static makes for a standard that all need to respect. Your sandbox, your rules. Please keep it going with whatever IT and moderation assistance is required. Be gratified that what you have here is unique in the right way. I suppose also be gratified that October/November/December is the peak of the college football silly season for fans and that things will simmer down some in the new year.
  2. Five scholly RBs seems about right. Last year it was Bucky, Noah, James, Dollars and Cardwell (with Seven as a hybrid RB/Slot WR) Replace the last two (three) on that list with Dowdell and Limar and the room is full again. Room for a lot of offensive looks and (heaven forbid) an injury or two. I wholeheartedly agree that the LB/Edge room needs filling, but I'm anticipating that DL and the D coaches are working the portal to that end.
  3. Agreed, Charles. I recall a couple of TV sideline looks where the offense was rolling without him on the field (12 sets, for example, with Cota and Franklin at WR) and he looked like someone moistened his cornflakes. I think that he was a significant part of the offense this season and has been told as much by the coaches. I'll wager they also put up some behavioral guardrails for him to stay between. I guess we'll see.
  4. As much as I never want to see him field a KO or punt again, he is a solid WR with good hands who can get open. Lanning's sideline attitude readjustment approach seemed more effective than MC's 'light you up like a road flare' technique. I hope he stays and just gains some maturity.
  5. It was interesting to me why so many DL/Edge players went into the portal. At first I thought it was a worrying trend but it all seems well thought out. All recruited by the Cristobal staff, they really must not be a fit for Lanning's scheme. Looking at who was brought in last year by DL and Lupoi for the middle of the D-line (Taki, Rogers and Riley), big bruisers plugging the gaps to stop the run seems to have worked for the most part. I suppose the next step is recruiting and/or getting transfers that fit the fast and aggressive edge players Lanning had at Georgia and wants for Oregon. Ones that can get to the QB and create havoc. Although this leaves the Ducks with a bit of a bare cupboard for the bowl game, it seems the coaches are working the long term.
  6. This portal business, both in and out. is like watching a roulette wheel spin while trying to predict where the ball will land. Going to take a deep breath now and do something else for the rest of today, like put up the Christmas tree, and check a few things off the to do list.
  7. Funny you should ask. Louisville HC just jumped to Cincinnati this morning so they are going to hire a new coach asap. And it won't be Stein. Figure three years for success or failure for the new coach before they look to poach Oregon's OC.
  8. Listening to Stein talk in that video, he sounds like a lightning quick offensive version of DL. Pushing the ball down the field is a priority. His WRs at UTSA are near tops in FCS for yds gained and TDs. One of those stand out receivers is a 6'4" kid named Joshua Cephus. Duck fans should remember his older brother Quintez from the 2020 Rose Bowl. Now with the Detroit Lions he was a wrecking ball WR in that game who gave the very good Oregon secondary fits. Not that the younger Cephus will follow Stein to Oregon, but it's fun to look at the connection. I don't know why, but I see this as good karma.
  9. Wait and see if this is legit. Checks a few boxes: Young and bright (it seems). Successful offense at UTSA Former D1/P5 QB QB developer Coached Texas QB Hudson Card in HS who is now in the portal
  10. This new rumor just out via Bleacher Report and on3, but who the heck knows what's real and what's not.
  11. Yowza! That's a Neon Deion bull in the china shop. He will definitely attract some talent to Boulder in the portal. A competitive Colorado will be better for the Pac1? going forward. But with the money not lined up yet to make it happen, it's big hat, no cattle (bison) until then. Oregon needs to lock in it's own high level portal talent now.
  12. Thanks to DznC for another great analysis of Oregon's needs on defense. I noted this morning that DL has offered a blue chip DB at Alabama that he recruited at UGA. The DB position was spotty this year but Gonzo was the lock down corner that kept it from being a lot worse. His development after transferring from Colorado will have him drafted high in round 1 and will be a beacon for potential transfers. The graduation and mass exodus of edge/Jack LBs creates a real challenge for the Ducks. Lanning was asked about it relating to depth for the Holiday Bowl and he more or less brushed it aside. It seems that there may be more to it than we see on the surface. I wonder at what point the coaches sit down with players to give them honest assesments of past performance and future opportunity. Do the transfers indicate a reality of limited future playing time? A perceived mis-fit of skills and the defensive scheme that DL is implementing? After a less than optimal year, perhaps those electing to hit the portal know that Oregon will be bringing in players that better fit Lanning's vision. Regardless, I would anticipate the next several days will reveal a stream of defensive portal talent committing to Oregon. Go get a couple Gonzo level players and find the second coming of KT! Go Ducks!
  13. Lanning just announced that Nix would play in the Holiday Bowl. They are close to announcing a new OC
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