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  1. Thanks for the answer. I'm not well versed in the PAC12 and I want to be respectful here. These are dark days. I DO believe the B1G will pursue Notre Dame and the Domers are not a lock because I think there's a huge "we're independent because we've always been independent" sentiment in their donors. The money...... if they took Oregon, Washington, Stanford, and Notre Dame..... is just silly. It forces the SEC to try to break the ACC to keep up. The big losers here are schools like Baylor. Imagine having the Waco market. I've not got a great grasp of TX but I'm assuming UTx, aTm, and maybe even TCU might have bigger TV markets than Waco.
  2. Sorry, as an SEC guy and football fan, I hate to see this for college football but here's my take. The SEC blindsided the B12 by stealing TX and OK. The B1G has responded by blindsiding the P12 and stealing USC and UCLA. Notre Dame is the next "high value" target and it's almost certain to go to the B1G BUT they need a pair of teams, not just ND. Would Oregon go without Washington? or vice versa? The B1G has the upper hand on the SEC because ND isn't coming south and the ACC has the big buyout until 2035. The SEC is hamstrung unless the ACC caves entirely and waives the 50 million??? buyout for a team to leave. Just asking. Does Oregon split the TV market and leave Washington?
  3. I did not realize it started that soon. Okay. I get it. I thought there was another week. Thank you for this information. I feel even better about Coach Lanning not coming immediately. I'll bow away. Thanks again!
  4. I'll also offer this about Luke Fickell. I don't think he's available because of his family. He's not a typical career before family coach from everything I've heard. He's a very devout Catholic in a heavily Catholic city, Cincinnati, where he and his wife are supposedly very comfortable with the schools and area. I think he'll be high on the list for Notre Dame if Marcus Freeman fails but that might be the only school he'd consider. Luke Fickell is that rarity in coaching who values his family more than career, I'm told.
  5. Thank you. I won't be a regular here. I agree that it's weird and debated my choice. I wondered if there was good information here about why Oregon let him continue to coach at GA. It just seems odd because of early signing, recruiting, being in full swing. I do understand that the CFP is not "just another bowl" and I guess it can be spun as loyalty but I come from the SEC and loyalty is rare here.
  6. I'll not pretend to understand how things work in the PAC 12 but the SEC is brutal for coaches to perform immediately. I also don't see Oregon as in bad shape and I enjoy watching y'all. I hope you take it to GA in Atlanta. That was my only concern. Recruiting is a huge part of the job. I'm unsure Kirby Smart will release him to recruit for Oregon while GA is preparing for the CFP game with Michigan. Unlike an SEC team, Michigan will require a lot of film study, defensive tweaks, etc because they're not a team GA has faced regularly. They will require more preparation than Alabama, even, which I'm sure Smart wants to avenge the loss, if possible. If your AD has worked something out, that's good. That was my concern.
  7. Coming in peace from TN. As we're not rivals, I hope that's okay. Mods may delete me, as you see fit. Lanning is a good recruiter and runs a very, very firm defense. As a HC? Who knows but he's done very well at GA. I wish him and Oregon well. My concern is him not coming immediately to Oregon. I don't know the terms of when he's starting in Eugene but what I'm seeing in the south is that he'll coach in the playoffs for GA. That's concerning from a recruiting standpoint (and, honestly, a coaching standpoint for GA) that he's letting Oregon down by not getting on the recruiting trail ASAP. A new coach, from a different conference needs to be there. I'm sure GA recruits heavily nationwide and he probably has some good relationships but it feels odd that he won't be fully available until after the championship (assuming GA beats MI.)
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