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  1. That's Traylor's spread tempo off the chad morris tree and his old OC's (been five mins and I forgot his name) pro-style mixed into the TemPro.. The deep shots are the pro-style flavor. LSU with Burrow and Brady had lots of deep balls and routes with that true pro-style. But they had the OL to block it, and QB and WRS. It was a perfect storm
  2. Yes Stein was there when Card was at Lake Travis and Card is going to portal to Oregon! lol No but I'm sure there will be talks with Card. Chad Morris coached Lake Travis back in the day and won state there with Blaine Gilbert who I think went to Mizz and played under David Yost the Ducks QB coach Helfs last year and he got drafted. We should have kept David Yost nd made him Marios OC Texas HS football players and coaches is where it's at!
  3. lol.. I don't have to research much on the Malzahn - Morris - Norvell tree since I did that Dilly coaching tree article. Fun story. Mr. FishDuck told me the story that after Dabo hired Chad Morris at Clemson that before spring ball Morris came to Eugene to learn spread stuff from the Guru Chip Kelly. So the coaching tree could be. Chip Kelly = Chad Morris = Jeff Traylor = Will Stein our new OC I don't know anything about Lunney the OC who Stein was just under. I don't know who Coach Boles was getting at the was the Briles disciple Stein was around either. I don't know jack about the Briles disciple Traylor was around at Texas either - but Phil Montgomery was at Baylor as Co-OC or OC for a deacade?
  4. Traylor's old OC's name wasn't Looney - It's Lunney and I don't know jack about him but for the "TemPro" name he coined with Traylor. Here is a link to an article about his hire this year. Lunney we can figure had a big influence on Coach Stein the first two years he was at UTSA Bielema turns to Lunney Jr. to push the 'tempro' for Illini offense 247SPORTS.COM Barry Lunney Jr. has a similar philosophy to Bret Bielema but will bring unique twist to Illini offense
  5. Here is some quick info for everyone Stein spent the last three years a UTSA under head coach Jeff Traylor - it's Traylor's offense that Stein ran. ( BYW- Traylor is due a power-5 job, he's hot ) Traylor was a really good Texas HS coach who won like 3 state titles - something like that. He had lots of success. Around 2015 he was hired by Charlie Strong at Texas. In 2016 Traylor was named the associate head coach for the offense at Texas and the OC was a 1st year hire who has worked under Phil Montgomery who was Baylor's OC under the offensive legend Art Briles. That gave some influence of the Art Briles system to Traylor. Traylor then went to spend few years under Chad Morris who was the man who brought the spread offense to Clemson. Morris got fired from Arky and spent a year at Auburn as Gus Malzahn's OC with Bo Nix as his QB. I think it was Mr. FishDuck who told me Chad Morris was a Texas HS legend head coach who I believe has been working on adapting Gus Malzahn's for his team. When Malzahn left Tulsa for the OC job at Auburn, the Tulsa head coach Todd Graham hired Chad Morris as his OC even though he had no college experience. After Morris got fired from Arky Traylor got the UTSA job. So Jeff Traylor's offense has some Art Briles disciples - Chad Morris influences. Traylors old OC and him combined Traylor's tempo spread and his prostyle and named it the TemPro. I think Traylor's old OC was Looney? He left last year I think and Stein got the play calling duties. Lastly If I understood Coach Boles right today - Stein has also had Art Briles disciples in his career path. If we do a quick coaching Tree. Gus Malzahn = Chad Morris + disciples off the Art Briles tree = Traylor's Tempro = Will Stein TemPro Gus Malzhan = Mike Norvell = Dillingham So Stein will bring a tempo spread with pro style deeper passing routes - much what Dilly did this year. In closing Stein runs a system born of solid roots and both systems are known for teaching the upcoming staff and the staff being good teachers of the players. Stein comes from a proven line. He has only one year as the OC game planning and calling plays - Dilly had four years as an OC game planning but this was his first year calling plays.
  6. I think Lanning had Malchow doing prep for the portal. I'd guess they have a list of players the Lanning have a good connection to as a recruit but they didn't choose UGA. I'd bet if those kids pop up in the portal then Lanning will go after them. I'd guess that would apply to all the staff, if they got to know the kid and he hits the portal get back on him. This means they already know the type of kid the player is and had connections with him. Charles has made the point to me and I agree - the new rule of having to honor the transfer players Scholly comes into effect. If you take a portal kid and he is a head case or can't play - you can't yank is Scholly. You own keeping his Scholly until he is done. So you can't take the wrong kids - blue-chips with bad Tudes are a huge risk.
  7. I stand corrected and surprised that Malzahn had given up his play calling duties. Thanks for educating me on that one and the work you put into researching to do so.
  8. Great point about players leaving where they have coaching turnover. The portal is crazy this year and we could see close to 30 players leaving between those who move on to NFL and hit the portal.
  9. I have a long end of season recap defensive analysis article done and being reviewed by Charles. As you all know Charles and I wrote quite few defense analysis articles as the season progressed, and we spent lots of time putting our heads together. We were at FishDuck were the first Oregon Ducks media to reveal the Bend-But-Don't-Break-Redux in the Cover-2 Lanning had committed to for the season. When Charles is done with editing it to see if I missed anything or he has some key points to add, then he will schedule it. Charles has put in a lot of work along we me on the defense and two heads have been better than one. I want to thank him in advance for the time spent sharing his keen insight and thoughts - he's made my articles better. Since there seems to be an interest for an article that looks for the answers of why we had the worst statistical defense since the 2016 season under DC Brady Hoke - I'm gueesing Charles will give heads up to you all on the publish date.
  10. Your cherry picked stats grossly lack context in multiple ways and your facts aren't straight either. Speaking of Stats - lanning has the worst defensive stats since 2016 at Oregon. Should we fire him? Malzhan always calls his plays - its not about "trust' as you put it. All good! I'm more than happy to the correct facts for you. So. Miss was 1-11 the season before Lindsey came in. He took a group of players that weren't his from scoring 20 points in year one to 39.9 in year two! That's an amazing job! Just thought I'd add that context for you You know who else besides Lindsey that didn't call plays at Auburn under Malzahn - Dilly. Dilly didn't call plays the three years he was OC for Norvell either. I'm a bit confused you're ok with Dilly never having been a play caller being hired at Oregon, but Lindsey who has called plays is a problem for you? As for Lindsey's time at Troy, he did call his own plays. He inherited someone else's players, brought in a new staff with a first year OC. He got fired after the third year as the head coach, and yes the scoring did go down. I'd put the scoring drop more to his head coaching skill and not his OC or play calling chops. Malzahn is a offensive Guru, the fact he hired Lindsey speaks volumes - if in your expert opinion that doesn't carry any weight with you,,. Well I will respect that. I'd also offer again how as OC at So. Miss Lindsey took a 1-11 team and increased scoring from year one to two by 19,3 points! I'd also point out you've said that you want a young, under the radar OC who you don't know of like Dilly. Well I said yesterday I wouldn't cry over 34yo Garret Riley being hired. I also said in this thread we could see that young under the radar high come off a Sub-branch of the coaching tree Dilly comes from. I'd guess that would be a disciple of Napier, Silverfield, or Spatival - I'd have to research the guy would be unknown to even me. Yet you've blown right by that and focused on the "age" thing. It's been a week since I wrote my Monday article where I said I wanted a older OC who has been a HC and could be a mentor to him. Some didn't like that - but I get my opinion and they get theirs. I said this yesterday in the thread you started. At this point it's been a week since that article and here you are in another thread hung up on the "age" thing with me. I'm over debating it at this point with you. You have your strong opinion and I have mine - we are not going to agree. I feel like I did something that hit a nerve with you and I want to say I'm sorry. You're right and I'm wrong. Since I'm wrong, and it's been a week of debating about the age of an OC, I'm not going to post on the topic of age anymore. I hope that gives you peace. I'm going to take the public loss on this issue.
  11. We could get a real good idea with the portal what Lanning wants in a LB. Adrian Jackson and LaDuke in the portal and Sewell I expect to the draft. He can get three game ready LBs if he wants
  12. UNC's OC Phil Longo if I have it right has a good scheme. If we don't have Dilly calling plays and Ty at QB it will be tough. UNC knows we are going to throw the screen-crosses we have all year with Ty or run. The DBs will be ready to swamp those screens, the LBs will be ready for the short cross, they will stack the box against the run. We would be well served coming out right away and throwing a couple deep balls to Franklin - loosen the defense up. If not gonna be a long night.
  13. Our last OC was off that tree. Gus washed out at UCF with the #9 in total offense FBS this year, ya it wasn't a power-5. But Gus has offensive chops. Norvell at FSU has the #13. Dilly the #4, Spavital at North Texas has the #20.Napier at Florida has the #32. Silverfield was #42 Thats six in the top-42 off that tree. I'll take Chip Lindsey You want explosive offense then the offensive coaches off the Todd Graham tree are your guys. What does Graham's last year baggage have to do with them? NCAA College Football FBS current team Stats | NCAA.com WWW.NCAA.COM Discover the current NCAA FBS Football leaders in every stats category, as well as historic leaders.
  14. Don't give me too much credit. I knew Malzahn and Norvell were of the Todd Graham coaching tree and its a huge tree on the offensive side that have been HC's. So I did an article and the research is still somewhat fresh. I actually should have put Chip Lindsey in my Monday OC article. I did say we could see a surprise hire off the same tree as Dilly's and that could be a up and coming young coach on a sub branch of the head coaches in my article. It could be someone under Billy Napier when he was at Louisiana that moved elsewhere or went to Florida this year. It could be someone off the Silverfield branch at Memphis. Or someone off the Spavital who is at Texas State. How would Lanning find that guy? By asking that Tribe of coaches. That coaching tree really look out for each other and if they won't hold a disciple back from moving up and getting their shot.
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