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  1. Great post Charles and I share your worries. We are going to find out what we got game one against UGA. The edge guys Nolan Smith the #1 player in the 2019 class and Robert Beals Jr. a high four-star is the Dawgs leading returner in sacks. Sala and Jarmillo will have to be better than in the spring game or we will have problems. One solution could be to chip with the TE or RB to help out if we are getting eaten up in the game. I agree Connerly Jr has excellent feet and could be an option. Bram Walden was a Top 100 guy as a tackle out of HS. The second-year player at 304lbs should also be an option. Here is where we miss Top 100 in 2019 tackle Jonah Tauanu'u and the transfer of almost 5-star Kingsley Suamataia not being in the program.
  2. No, I disagreed with your claim.. " they have more 4 - and 5-star players on their bench then almost any Pac-10 team has on their entire team" I showed half the SEC and B1G teams don't have more blue-chips sitting on the bench than almost anyone in the Pac. I've never claimed the SEC doesn't have talent, but the back half isn't elite as I've said. The SEC is top heavy. The Pac has Ducks #8, USC #9, UW #17, UCLA #24, Tree #24, ASU #25 in the Top 30- six teams The BIG has OSU #3, Mich #16, Penn St #16, Whisky #21, Huskers #23 in the Top 30- five teams Over half the top 30 teams in the nation talent wise all come from two conferences. The SEC and pac-12. I'm going to leave with Ducks backup Jayson Jones is going to start for Aubrun this fall and Robby Ashford our #4 QB last year might start as well. DJ James our starting comer last year will start at Auburn in the SEC.
  3. Your 100% right, Utah's TE's hurt us with the run block and pass game. I think Lanning might have to go Dime package on passing downs to keep our LB's from having to cover Bowers and get the big safeties on him that can run with him and be physical? Or maybe move Noah to stand up edge on the passing down and bring in Bassa who can run with Bowers?
  4. He is a three-star so USC will get him. Then my USC alum uncle will vent they got another three-star OL guy. UCS has been void of blue-chip OL guys for a while now.
  5. I pulled this off the FishDuck Feed, I really like using it for my Ducks news. This is a pleasant surprise to see the Ducks DB's getting serious respect and love! We do have 90% blue-chip talent back there we reloaded with. We lost Veron McKinley and Mykael Wright and still are Top 12?! Gonzo and Bennett we all know are proven top shelf guys. A huge factor will be if 5-star Donte Manning shows out as elite this year. Byran Addison has never been the 1st string guy getting the most reps, so we have to watch that. Steve Stephans, Trikweze Bridges, and Jamal Hill all have plenty of game experience. If we stay healthy, we won't have to throw Florance or Tucker to the fire. Position unit breakdown: All you need to know about the top 12 secondaries in 2022 WWW.ON3.COM Here are the nation’s 12 best secondaries, as well as the top group in each league and the top three secondary transfer classes.
  6. I disagree with you, and I think your putting out something that just isn't true, and I'll show you why. I will give the link to the roster talent calculator on 247. I've long watched recruiting and I watch this tracker. The Top 16 best rosters are a blend of the top SEC. B1G, ACC, Pac-12, and Big-12 teams. Bama, UGA, TheOSU, Chokelahoma, LSU, Clemson, Ducks, Texas, USC, Gators, Aggies, Maimi, Penn St, N Dame, War Eagle - you get the picture. Bama, UGA, TheOSU are the top three and have 74 to 65 blue-chips, then it's a gap back to the next. Clemson at #4 have 50 blue-chips and #16 Penn St have 44, so there is a big pack with close to the same amount of blue-chips in that pack. Then the blue-chip numbers fall as #17 UW have 36 and #19 Tenn have 29. Tenn has 15 less blue-chips than #16 Penn St!! #22 So. Carolina has 23 blue-chips on the roster - #24 and #25 UCLA and Stanford have 21 blue-chips, and #26 ASU has 22 - they are all right there with So Carolina. The SEC teams #27 Ole Miss, #28 Arky, #30 Miss. St, #31 Kentucky have 20, 21, 17 and 21 clue chips. The fact is you can throw a blanket over the blue-chip talent of five SEC teams Game Cocks, Arky, UK, Ole Miss, Miss St and three Pac-12 teams ASU, UCLA and Tree. So how are they going to have more sitting on the bench than "almost any Pac-12 team has on their entire team"? The 5th best SEC roster Texas A&M has 49 blue-chips to the Ducks 49 and USC with 48. The 4 best SEC teams, Clemson and Chokelahoma all have a gap over Texas A&M the Ducks and USC. The SEC has 5 of the top 10 rosters in FBS. The SEC Top teams are loaded and then the mid pack SEC teams have less than half as many blue-chips and they are right there with the second tier Pac-12 teams. The Pac-12 has two teams in the Top 10 to the B1G's one team and if you look the second tier Pac and B1G teams are on the same ballpark. I think it's important we really look at and stick to the facts so other readers aren't mis-informed. The fact is the Top 16 rosters are spread around the best teams in the Power Five. If you take Utah at #32 on up, and consider David Marsh's article today, you can see the teams that could be the Semi-Pro's someday? There are haves and have nots in college football and the link shows it clearly. 2021 College Football Team Talent Composite 247SPORTS.COM In order to create the most comprehensive Team Recruiting Ranking without any notion of bias, 247Sports Team Recruiting Ranking is solely based on the 247Sports Composite Rating.
  7. Good article and good take, lot of what I also think could go down. The Ducks could end up in some conference where they are in the east division. I mean the Cowboys are in the NFC East with NY, Philly and Washington. The Semi-Pro teams will be all about the Media Money and if you have to travel like an NFL team does then so be it.
  8. Ton of Dudes! Nolan Smith, Beals Jr, Carter, Ringo, Bennett, MacIntosh, Bowers, and the RB Milton is future All-American. Sewell, Flowe, Gonzo, Manning, DJ, Popo, Doruls, Bennett, Funa on D.. lotta dudes
  9. It's going to be the game of the week! Bigger than OSU-ND or Utah-Gator... Dawgs and Ducks will be hardest hitting game of the week, they are both that way. Both have good OL and DL, and dudes all over. This is an SEC game physical and talent wise.
  10. Fair enough. But in my article Ty was quoted about having a learning curve, maybe he will improve and blow up. That mechanical Butters just might run the offense the most calmly and get to the right decision more, I wouldn't sleep on him. We are going to have to watch it play out through this week into this weekend's scrimmage. I believe Lanning when he says no QB has separated himself. I don't think Lanning would lie to the media first year of his first job, or let his players hear he was feeding the media BS about the QBs. Hold on, it's going to shake out here.
  11. Doesn't it sound Lanning to have those big safeties? One is a converted WR and Bridges is the long DB 4-star recruit. Lanning is a brilliant defensive mind, on all levels. The Natty scheme was insane. What to expect? Your Dawgs are 17.5 points better to the odds makers. On paper the Ducks have a top 3 SEC defense that's being overlooked, they will keep it a close game late if they protect the ball. But if the Ducks have 14 points off turnovers, then the Dawgs will cover the spread for sure.
  12. I just posted in the other QB thread. The staff here inherited Ty a five-star QB who was #10 in nation. Thats a sure thing and we run him out early this year and see if he blows up like he should. They go to Ty this year, and Moore gets a redshirt year next year before he takes over. It's coaching malpractice if you inherit TY and don't play him to see if he blows up, then you move to the five-star QB you got on Moore. If I'm going to fail, I'm going to fail on Ty and Moore.
  13. Solid Post. I've said in articles on here that Butters looked my QB2 from the spring game. My gut is that Ty is going to blow up and take the job, if not in camp early in the year. Mario's staff had Ty as QB2 this year and Lanning's staff has done the same. That tells me both staffs see the ceiling of Ty is special. Ty was a Rivals five-star and #10 player in the nation! That's like a sure thing!!! QBs make the biggest jump from year one into year two and I think before the year is done the job will be Ty's and they will see how far he goes before Moore shows up. If Ty blows up this year, he will play next year and be gone. That gives Moore one redshirt year. If you're going to bet on hitting on a QB, then you play #10 in the nation Ty and then Moore!!
  14. Solid post. I could be 100% wrong and Bo Nix could go Joe Burrow and I'll be back here saying he is the MAN and I was wrong. Isn't FishDuck fun? haha. But Bo I think does have a bar to meet as far as how he plays. He has to play weel enough against UGA that we can't point fingers at him and say he didn't give us a chance to win............... And he has to beat BYU at home........ if he can't pull that off then the heat is on........
  15. DJ is a freak like some of the UGA TE's, but he would have trouble covering the UGA TE's. Bowers is smaller and cuts well and DJ isn't a pass D guy. Bowers will pass 1000 yards this year I'd guess and 15 TD's. It will be 6'5" Bryan Addison and 6'3" Trikweze Bridges who has a 7' wingspan who ran as the deep safeties in spring ball, and they might be the longest pair in FBS covering the TE's. I think that's a card Lanning has kept to himself but planned since day 1 for this game.
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