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  1. It will be. We love Lanning for what he meant to the program. We would hate the loss but the CFP trophy he helped us get will keep us warm at night
  2. He’s been to more championship games than Lincoln
  3. UGA fan here. you guys got a good one. 1) Excellent recruiter. Very charismatic and prior to this year was a lead on many top kids. Knew he’d be leaving so we took him off our top targets. He also recruited the west coast for UGA. We have a good bit of talent from CA. 2) Anyone saying it wasn’t his defense doesn’t follow UGA closely. He calls all plays. Kirby is a defensive guy but Lanning ran that unit 3) Coaching Connections. Our staff is currently stacked and there is a good chance he poaches one or two. Look for Nick Marshall a GA from TAMU to follow him. Was our best non staff recruiter until A&M poached him. Could see a bright future there.
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