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  1. C'mon. The sky isn't falling. I think this is exciting and I think y'all will be happy a year from now.
  2. The BYU game is the one I'm going to circle. BYU embarrassed the PAC-12 this year. Oregon needs to win this game and set a tone for the remainder of the season. I can take a loss to Georgia in the opener but losing to BYU would be a big blow. Also, it's on my birthday so I am going to be there! Go Ducks.
  3. Savant or water boy? Two extreme views of Dillingham that I've seen from fans. No doubt, Dillingham served under 2 very good "offense first" coaches in Norvell and Malzahn. Dillingham will work very hard and will find schemes that fit personnel. But from what I've seen, Dillingham's biggest asset isn't Xs and Os. He is a grinder from the high school ranks and Lanning has complete trust in him. That's a big deal for a 1st time head coach. Also, Dillingham has developed QBs, for 6 years in highschool, two years in Memphis, in Auburn and Florida State. Oregon's QB development has been poor for several years to say the least . It also looks like Dillingham creates strong bonds with his players. The word "Trust" is thrown around a lot in college football but it is obviously something that Coach Lanning prioritizes - for players and coaches. Hopefully it will yield success.
  4. It's been fascinating to see reactions to Dillingham hire. One side says he is a savant and the future of offensive creativity. To others, a water boy who has served under 2 very good offense first head coaches. But obviously he made a big impression on Lanning. That trust will keep Dillingham in Eugene for a few years and will give Lanning more confidence in his new gig.
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