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Northwestern President 'Not Really Thrilled' with USC, UCLA Additions to Big Ten

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Hmm, could Michael Schill be looking after Oregon?


Northwestern president Michael Schill is not thrilled with the Big Ten’s additions of USC and UCLA to the conference next year.


It’s an interesting take considering the spotlight the conference received for adding premier institutions in athletics and academics. With the expansion, the Big Ten will equal the SEC in total teams (16) next season when Oklahoma and Texas leave the Big 12.


While Schill isn’t exactly thrilled, he offered a vague solution to the issue.


“At the assembly, Schill and the panelists also discussed UCLA and USC joining the Big Ten Conference,” Pavan Acharya of the Daily Northwestern wrote. “The two schools will enter the Big Ten in August 2024. Schill said he is ‘not really thrilled’ with the inclusion of UCLA and USC in the Big Ten. While he remains ‘skeptical about the initial decision,’ he believes adding more West Coast teams to the Big Ten, in addition to UCLA and USC, could result in less overall travel time for all teams in the conference.”


Basically, Schill might not be opposed to further expansion in the Big Ten, but it’ll have to come from the west coast to even out the geographic balance.


It’s worth noting Schill served as the president of the University of Oregon from April 14, 2015 until he was named to the same role at Northwestern last August.



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I'd Schill like to know (sorry) how Oregon voted on possible expansion into the Central time zone.


I like that Schill is between the lines touting Oregon moving to the B1G but where is the money coming from for this to happen; especially, after Kevin Backstabbing Warren left the conference without a finalized media deal in place?


Among other foul-ups, Warren promised the broadcast of the B1G champ game to NBC when he had no right to do so. Ditto his promise to NBC that it would broadcast late-night games through November without checking in with his bosses and ADs who are opposed to playing late beyond the first week in November.


If UCLA is not having 2nd thoughts UCLA president Block (Head) and AD Jarmin are not paying attention.


As we are seeing with Larry's legacy, the shortfall in the media deal may be the tip of the iceberg. 

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