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Rooting for Jackson Powers-Johnson (JPJ) in 2023

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It's been a long time since I've been on a Duck fan page.  Kind of lost track through covid.  Just had to get on here and say JPJ is someone I'm absolutely rooting for this year.  From the time he did his Feld impersonation til this recent photo (sorry I pulled it from 247), this kid is so fun and a marketing genius imo!  His joy and passion to get to play for the Ducks is so evident!  I love his desire to do whatever it takes to help the team!Screenshot_20230829-160621.png.ba5b827c99f65a3fef1f9c30cef0320b.png  Reminds of the kid on Remember the Titans.  I look forward to seeing what he's able to do in a full time starting roll this fall.  Something tells me there's gonna be some sore bodies the day after for the people he lines up across.

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JPJ is a fun one to cheer for, and I welcome you to this forum.  Do share your thoughts often and join the fun here...as this is going to be quite the season!


HC gng tackle.jpg

Mr. FishDuck

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It was a big loss for Utah not to be able to keep him in state.  Has a great personality to go along with his football.

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