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  1. As they should be. I can't recall details but seems like opposite logic than what was used to pick Cincinnati two years ago. Sankey must have threatened to take his ball and go home.
  2. Still not too bright but more enlightened than I was. Thanks
  3. I am not very bright but isn't it still the PAC 12 until next summer?
  4. This one might end up like the two games in 2021 added together. 65-17 maybe
  5. I really enjoy the photographs on FishDuck. It is one of my favorite things about the site.
  6. I don't see anyone but Oregon and Washington in the PAC Championship game. I am hoping big time that the Utes can turn things around and get there but that's a tough ask. Although they sit at 5-1 not one of those wins has been a satisfying one.
  7. CSU did a good job of pressuring Sanders and I think Oregon can do it better. Just forget about the prevent or anything like unto to it. That was costly for CSU.
  8. That was not a pretty game but it sure is a better way to start off the season than last year. It usually takes Utah's o-line a few games to start opening holes so if the Utes can get past Baylor I think they will be in good shape come conference time. I saw a few guys playing who didn't even show up on the depth chart. In the end, 1-0 is a lot nicer to look at than 0-1.
  9. It was a big loss for Utah not to be able to keep him in state. Has a great personality to go along with his football.
  10. I thought his comments were pretty good until he said "we comin".
  11. Thank you. I won't be going anywhere. With all that has happened I think this season is going to be a bigger dog fight than ever. Who doesn't want to be the final "Pac 12 as we know it" champ and go into the new adventure with some momentum. OSU, WSU and the others are going to be motivated to kick some booty almost every week just like most folks wanted to do to SoCal last year. Lots to look forward too this year and in the future. Just hope the guys left behind find a desirable landing zone.
  12. I am relieved Utah got a landing spot but I do not like what has happened to the PAC. I am not a fan of the conferences being so big. When you play half or less than half of the other teams it just doesn't seem appealing. After this coming season will Utah ever play any of the Oregon, Washington or California schools again? Are any of them interested in playing the Utes again? Who knows. I have no problem with the Utes in the Big 12. Before they joined the PAC the PAC and the Big 12 were the "power conferences" I rooted for. I am also looking forward to playing BYU yearly again and possibly having something at stake from the result. I am also interested in playing the Big 12 teams, always have been. I wish the last four PAC teams could find a comparable situation but at the same time don't want the newly expanded conferences to grow any more. I think they are already unwieldy enough in their new configurations.
  13. Reports: In crushing blow to Pac-12, Oregon and Washington to accept Big Ten invite WWW.KSL.COM In the end, Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff was wrong. Go to the comments if you want to see how folks in Utah are reacting.
  14. Mixed messages all the way. Local radio here was leaning towards PAC staying together.
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