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Cristobal vs Fans OR the Transfer Portal

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The team is down, the fan base is down, nearly every sports news outlet has brought up the issues at quarterback. Something, no doubt, has to change. The signs are obvious that Brown is not the answer. CJ Verdell is out for the season and Oregon needs to find a way to stretch opposing defenses to take the load off the run game. Cristobal is surely feeling the heat from the fan base to take a hard look at his options in the quarterback room.


But the real thought that may keep him up at night isn't 50,000 fans chanting for Thompson at halftime, it could be the threat that the transfer portal presents after making a change with only one loss. The decision to switch from Brown carries real implications not only for the quarterback room, but for the rest of the positions on the team. Young, teenage players in this Era of guys wanting to put just enough tape together for the League may give pause and ask themselves, "if I have a couple down games will I be replaced?


Will I have a chance to regain my position with this much depth?" These thoughts have to at least factor somewhat into the decision for or against replacing Brown. His stats are mediocre, he clearly has a low ceiling. He is not the guy to lead Oregon to a successful post season. So what Cristobal now has on his hands is a genuine, bonified catch-22.


Does he continue with Brown and risk further letdown in the win column and alienation of the fanbase? Or does he make the change and accept the possible defections that come when coaches show their willingness "demote" perceived key players?

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He can work TT in for a few series vs Cal. But I would be very surprised if he did.

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