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How 2023 Ducks Stack Up Statistically Compared to Other Special Oregon Seasons

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This year's Oregon team has concluded the regular season slate with an 11-1 record.


Only three other teams have won 11 or more games in school-history.


How does this year's team stack up statistically?


Friday's 31-7 win over Oregon State keeps everything on the table for these Ducks.


It earned them a spot in next week's Pac-12 Championship Game in Las Vegas and a win over the Huskies there would likely send them to the College Football for the second time in program-history. 


The win was also their 11th of the season, placing them in rarified air amongst Oregon teams. Prior to this season, only three Duck teams had ever completed the 12-game regular season with 11 or more wins. 


The 2012 and 2014 teams each won 11 games, while the 2010 remains the only squad to maneuver through a season with a perfect 12-0 record.


Two of those teams (2010 and 2014) wound up playing for national titles, while the other is still considered by some to be the most talented Duck squad of all time.


Given how unique this 2023's runs has been, I thought it a good idea to run through how they stack up by the numbers compared to those other three special seasons.


I've pulled several dozen team and individual statistics and placed them side-by-side with each other to help clarify this year's standing in history. Only regular season statistics were included for this exercise.


Here's a tidbit to get us started...



This year's Oregon team has concluded the regular season slate with an 11-1 record. Only three other teams have won 11 or more...





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Interesting stat: 2023 was lowest forced turnover year by half, compared to 2010 and 2012.


Yet our points per game are very close to those 2 years. Our high point total for those 2 years was due in part to high # of turnovers leading to short fields.


But this year we still scored a high average per game with half the # of turnovers.


Suggests to me a very efficient offense.


Well done Will Stein 

Well done Bo Nix.

Well done Ducks!!

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