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  1. I have over 20 license plates on the wall, more than a dozen Duck garden gnomes (some inside, some outside), a 4' x 6' poster of the Ducks beating UW from 2008. I have a large Win the Day poster from 2012, numerous key photos framed (Marcus' heisman leap against OSU, Josh Huff winning catch against OSU and DAT's lunge across the goal line in the Fiesta bowl against KSU). This is just a few of the Duck swag at our house. Bobbleheads, clocks, neon signs, more hats than I could ever wear, 7 jerseys, shoes for every color combination (that's a lot!) posters of Autzen, footballs, mini helmets, christmas ornaments, a tiffany lamp, in fact, pretty much anything green and yellow! Even all my yard flowers are yellow! (well, mostly). My favorite shirts are my Aloha prints. I have at least a half dozen of those! Reyn Spooner's are the best. Obviously, I have no self control!
  2. I have given away more than all of you!! My son works at Nike, so I've had access to 50% off goods! I have so much stuff, I can open my own gift store!
  3. Must keep the rivalry games! It is exactly those games that make CFB matter. I loved it when we played every team, still wish we could, but we of the north need yearly visits to the LA region to support our recruiting efforts. I like the leadership of GK. He is a breath of fresh air. The quick announcement was a result of him knowing what the members wanted. Making changes last year about playoff expansion etc, was too early in his tenure. I believe now the Pac12 is more united and has a direction. I bet from now on decisions will be timely and affective. No more waiting to follow the B1G.
  4. Yes we did. I'm guessing their reasons for leaving were many and varied. Our RB room looks better than ever. The WR room just got taller and we gained experience and maturity. We added several big bodies on the D-line. And got a starter as a D back. We now have 2 punters, 2 kickers, and one that can do both! From my viewing point, we done did good from the portal, maybe better than what we lost? What do you think 23dux?
  5. He looks like a key get. Tall, lanky and definitely skill. Has endured injuries so also is older, brings maturity.
  6. Scheduling in the future will change as well, I believe, starting in 2023. Going to 8 conference games will be next, unless CA legislature passes that regulation requiring paying players. That would end Pac12 football as we know it in my opinion. This at least gives best chance for us to send a team to the natty invite.
  7. I'm with you 100%. I liked Tyler. But with the game plan of MC, not sure he would have been a substantial improvement in games won. A better passing attack probably. Was sorry to see him get injured at TT. Also I think he just got engaged (or married). We need a qb coach that can develop talent. I hope it's Dillingham.
  8. Don't remember, but I read it in some article. I know you can get some on the secondary market for $$$.
  9. One other thought about coach Lanning, it's been said that one measure of a man's greatness, is to measure the men who follow him. I believe we are all impressed with the men willing to work for DL.
  10. Georgia was given 3x the number we were. So much for "neutral" location.
  11. I want to add that the college football landscape may drastically change in a few years. We have noted many types of scenarios here for example. We may want to have that flexibility in negotiations down the road.
  12. When I first heard about DL, I looked up everything I could find on him and his family. It all made me very excited and a big fan right out of the gate. He is hard working, dedicated, with high moral fiber and a man of integrity. Honest, straight forward and knows he has lots to learn, but is a willing student. Yet, a natural leader. He is also a person with apparently a very high football IQ. His decisions so far seem good. Only time will tell how good. And perhaps best of all, he seems genuinely willing to raise his family in Eugene for many years to come! With regards to GK, I don't think he had enough time to get input from all schools before the first decisions about playoff expansion or scheduling within the alliance. Making too hasty of a decision might have been worse. I don't want espn to have more sway than necessary in the playoffs. I know what we here at Fishduck want, but gotta get all the Universities on board. I think he is doing great at unifying the Pac12 for now. And with his Vegas and entertainment connections, I trust him to negotiate the best tv deal possible.
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