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  1. I've never been a fan of booing, especially students. But now with NIL that has all changed. These guys now get paid to play. They are no longer simply "student athletes". So if they perform poorly, they deserve to be booed. I'm tired of "soft" kids. If a few boos hurt their feelings, how can they play tough. One complaint, Walk said the booing inspired the O-line to play harder, why do they need that type of motivation? Do these blue chip, D1 players need coddling? C'mon man.
  2. I've never been a fan of booing kids in sports, non-professionals if you will. But the NIL has changed that for me. Players want to be paid, then they should suffer consequences when they perform poorly. Players are no longer simply "student athletes". They now get paid. This is the 4th year with Cristobal. I think the fan base has been patient. Watching prevent offense is, well, offensive. We demand more. As far as voting with your wallets goes, that is a slow process. A few timely boos can be more effective.
  3. My guess is they stack the box to stop the run, make AB throw downfield. He can't, and how long will Dye hold up being the only offense we have? So much talent not being utilized...
  4. Actually, I just want to watch something that's fun to watch. Players always say to have fun playing the game. I ask you, does AB look like he is having fun? Are the WR having fun?
  5. They are on the team already sitting on the bench, waiting. The youth on this team will be great if allowed to play...and if they don't transfer out.
  6. They won't be able to out score UCLA. Utah at home in Nov. will be a loss. I think also they lose at least one of the other three games...we end up 8-4.
  7. At least something helped light a fire! To be fair, the first 3 drives looked good all the way to the redzone, until penalties and a fumble ruined things. As good as Travis Dye played, he can't be the whole offense every week. Good point though, do we need to start booing in the 1st quarter?!?
  8. What we learned? AB is an average qb. He can't go through his progressions without dumping off to the safety valve. He telegraphs his passes every time. He consistently throws behind receivers He calls his own number to run too often, and he is not fast or quick. If he is our best chance to win, we need a new QB coach. All three backups have shown more potential. AB can't be "coached up" any more. He is what he is. I fear Cristobal is afraid the young guns might light things up and make the offense fun to watch. Something he apparently wishes to avoid.
  9. The worst part about the win last night will be the continuation of starting AB. He can't/won't throw downfield. He telegraphs all his passes. He doesn't seem able to go through his reads without always dumping off to the safety valve. Is he intentionally trying to improve his completion %?!
  10. So sorry to hear. Thanks for sharing. Prayers for him and his family.
  11. Foreboding. Not a good feel. We only scored 17 against these guys last 2 years, and gotta say, AB does not give confidence he can connect downfield. Without CJ...I'm a little concerned. But, it's a new day. A new game. A new opportunity. So hope is renewed. We have DeRuyter this time. AB is gonna come out of his funk and play lights out. And Seven Mcgee is gonna run a punt back for a TD!! Or not. Seriously, the Ducks need to send a message this game about who they are. When the going gets tough...time to show up! I've got my fingers crossed.
  12. I was at the game the first time they wore black unis...it was sooo cool when they ran out onto the field. I believe the fans wore black also. It was a surreal experience. That said, a highlighter yellow stadium would make those black unis "pop" as they say in the design world. You are so right Fishduck! But in my experience, Oregon fans seem to wear whatever color they feel like most of the time. Apparently Oregonians don't like to be told what to wear. lol
  13. If the offense doesn't look vastly improved on Friday, then it's definitely time to make a qb change. AB must play great, or make the change. The way we have been playing, we couldn't beat anyone ranked above us anyway. From what little we've seen, all 3 backups can throw downfield. That alone is an improvement worth making a change.
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