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  1. The only problem with being 9-3 this year is who we lost the last 2 to. Especially the last one. As poorly as the defense looked at times, perhaps 9 wins is a better record then we know.
  2. I don't blame a kid for wanting a new start, there are plenty of good reasons why they might want one. But according to articles I've read, 60% of kids who hit the portal last 3 years did NOT find a new home! And of those that did, are they better off? Do they get a degree? Are they even happier? Ultimately, college football has changed because we the fans have changed. All everyone wants is a national championship. And we love whichever players will give us that chance. I just hope for the best for these kids in finding a new home.
  3. I know we go through this every year now, but what makes one bowl game meaningful and another one not? Someone posted about a player not playing in a bowl game, "why risk injury in a 'meaningless' game". I understand the thinking, but it got me wondering, who determines which games count? I was thinking of going to the Holiday Bowl, but should I spend all that money if the game is meaningless? What about non-conference games? What about the spring game? Does a player on scholarship owe the school anything? Do NFL bound players still go to class? Do they still have access to training facilities? Meals? I'm sorry if I sound ridiculous, but I don't understand. Coaches and players talk about the "family" atmosphere, attitude of the program, then they bail for a post season game. So someone please help me out and explain to me, what makes a game meaningful and when are you no longer a part of the team?
  4. Should be a good game. Question: will players headed to portal be eligible to play? How many players do you think will opt out for NFL reasons?
  5. Thank you for sharing your wonderful perspective. It's often necessary to be yanked back into reality. Only a game , yes. But oh how we love to learn about our beloved Ducks. Also, thanks for all your contributions this season. Good stuff.
  6. Congrats on your retirement. Enjoy. Hope you get to even more Duck games.
  7. Last year our offense was so conservative, we named it a "prevent offense". This year, we are being too "aggressive " Are we a tough bunch to please, or what! After Georgia, we all wanted TT to play. Now many seem to want him to transfer. We didn't want Bo to play, now we don't want Bo to go. I haven't enjoyed watching the Ducks play for years. This year that has all changed. We're fun again! Lanning & Co. have brought dynamism back to Autzen. I'm 100% all for that. If that means taking risks, so be it. We are 9-2. We can still play for Pac-12 championship. I'm all in and enjoying Duck football the way we are playing. This is so awesome. Btw, Lanning took ownership of decisions in UW loss. He will learn from this. What more could we want?! The hit on Bo was a cheap shot intended to cause injury. His running has been a huge part of our offense and I would argue integral. He has 14 rushing TD's! Play calling of all types will always be critiqued when they don't work as planned, that will always be the purview of us arm-chair qb's. I personally love how we continue to improve so, each week, I will endure gladly the few calls that fail. One game left, let's go Beaver hunting!!
  8. A good question. My first response is that the most important stat is W and L. We have 8 W's of 9 possible. I'll take that any day. It does make you wonder if against better teams this hurts us. The next 3 - 4 games will prove out. Playing cover 2 (2 deep safeties) helps control deep explosion plays, and keeps the offense in front of the D. It does allow for some open underneath routes that can make a first down. It also means that teams have to sustain long drives to score. Repeatedly. That is difficult to sustain game long. I think Lannings defensive plan is statistically sound. With our offense being as efficient and affective as it is, the opposition has to match that. Our defense thus far has proven equal to the task. Coach Lanning has remarked, "stats are for losers". Until he gets more of his recruits on the defensive side, we should be wary of worrying about "key stats". That's something for sports talking heads to fill up airwaves with. Let's just concentrate on the win column.
  9. I remember reading somewhere how Lanning stepped into the qb room with KennyD there, listened, then commented on how certain of the plays being discussed really stress a defense. How maybe slightly changing a players location could cause more confusion. I remember reading Justin Herbert saying something similar how the Chargers coach being a former DC helped him understand and read defenses better. I believe both of these coaches make each other better. Someday, coach D will likely move on. If (when) he does, coach Lanning has already proven he can get good coaches to come work with him. Our Duck future looks Rosey. And the grass in Eugene is a really dark green!
  10. Maybe that's why Wilcox turned down coming to Oregon.
  11. Still need to win out. Starting this sat at 4pm against the purple poodles! Lots of great football left. Who would of thought we would be here last Labor day?!
  12. Here is my 2 cents worth: I believe coach Lanning will stay as long as we want him. He has moved his young family 5 or 6 times already. In his own words he waited for a great opportunity to be head coach. He has one. He will only move if his family is unhappy in the PNW. Auburn is NOT a better opportunity than Oregon. Too much pressure to win now. Plus, you have to beat Alabama EVERY year. And you'd be looking over your shoulder worried about getting axed constantly. Oregon is a premier program to coach at. There are few places better (unless you are an alumni from somewhere else) The support the football program gets from the school, town and alumni is top notch. Pretty much anything coach wants, he'll get. Our only drawback is being located outside of football hot recruiting area. But our coaches have shown that too is not a problem. Last thought, if we are to have a successful program, other schools will always want to poach some success and hire away our staff. Look at Alabama and Saban, they have constant turnover, and yet still win. If we win, this is something we'll have to get used to.
  13. Here's the rub, after this sat, UT or UGA will also be a one loss team. Mich. plays tOSU last game of season, so potentially one of them will also be a one loss team. Say UT loses, as does Mich. Say Alabama beats UGA for SEC title. You would end up with: Georgia Tennessee Michigan Alabama Oregon all as 1 loss teams. If Clemson stays undefeated its tough to move ahead of all those other 1 loss teams Fortunately, there is a lot of football left to play for all those teams, not the least of which is us. UW, Utah, OSU(at their place) and winner of the LA schools will be all tough games. What a great season this has turned out to be already.
  14. I know it's easy to do, and it's tempting, but every decision made by a big time recruit isn't necessarily due to NIL. We have seen abuses far and wide, and will continue to, but MC was rocking the recruiting before NIL. If you notice, Bo is getting big bucks. So is Flowe. Many others also. The same can be said of us about high profile recruits. The big difference is we want recruits who want to work hard, not party hard.
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