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David Marsh

There's a Board Game About College Football Recruiting

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Board games are one of the things outside of Duck football that I absolutely love. Board games can have a large range of complexity and diversity in them which go far and beyond the games most people have probably interacted with. Monopoly, Risk and most games you are probably familiar with are awful compared to what new games are being developed and created these days. 


I haven't had a chance to play it yet but there is now a board game about college football recruiting. It looks like it has some interesting mechanics and I will have to give it a shot at some point. The four "schools/institutions) with their mascots are as follows... 


Oregon / Ducks - Oh yeah... it's the Oregon Ducks as one of the four players. 

Georgia / Elephant - Not sure how Bama and Georgia fans will feel about that merger. 

Odessa / Tiger - Probably in reference to LSU or Clemson or Texas (Odessa is in Texas). Not sure on this one. 

Iowa / badger? Squirrel? - Something like that... not entirely sure what their mascot is. 


But it looks like a lot of this can be scrambled. 


If you're interested it's on Board Game Arena which is the go to for online board games. I usually have about 9-12 games going on at any given time over there. 



Play Envelopes of Cash online from your browser with the whole world!


After glancing through some of the rules it does feel like it doesn't have the nuance of NIL... as giving money under the table in an envelope is such a thing of the past and actually still illegal in College Football today. But it's still an interesting game concept. 

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