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Jon Joseph

The Goat is Out to Pasture and the 2024/25 Playoff Odds Move.

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There have been many reactions to Nick Saban's decision to retire. 


In Aiken, SC, I could hear the Danny Boy sighs of relief coming out of Eugene. 


Many of the 2024/25 too-early preseason rankings have already adjusted for the GOAT's departure. Most that I have seen have dropped Bama from the 2 spot to 4, or 5, or 6, and moved Ohio State, Texas, and Michigan (pending the Wolverines HC news) up. Oregon continues to sit at 6/7 in most rankings. as high as 3 in two polls I have seen but would have dropped, no doubt, if DL was not staying in Eugene.


And, of course, the folks in the desert were quick to respond to the GOAT leaving CFB and possibly Aflac and Neon Dion, behind. 8 CFB teams coming into 2024 have better than 25-1 odds of winning the championship in the following order.


1. Georgia/ 2, Ohio State/ 3. Texas/ 4. Alabama/ 5. OREGON (+1200) / 6. Michigan/ 7. LSU/ 8. Ole Miss / 9. FSU. A number of the SEC favorites will match up in the 2024/25 season. Georgia plays Texas, Alabama, and Ole Miss and also plays Clemson OOC. LSU plays USC and UCLA OOC. And plays Ole Miss, Bama, and OK at home and plays at A+M and Florida. I think there is a good chance of the SEC going cannibal next season. 2 loss teams will be in the playoff field, but 3 loss teams?


With his continuing commitment to OREGON, Dan continues to Walk the Walk. Rather rare in this day and age.


Thanks, Dan! Go Ducks!



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