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I found the Ducks offense!

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I just moved to Tennessee and went to my first game at Neyland stadium. What an atmosphere! Then the game started and there was a familiar sight. a super fast offense with motions, mis-direction. defenders caught out of position and faking injuries to change players. a limited QB making plays. it certainly didn't work all the time. but it was fun to watch. The opponent was Ole Miss, they had so much creativity on the offense, you had to keep an eye on everything. How much does the Offense motivate the defenses? energy was everywhere.


Now I watch our Ducks slog through boos from the crowd. I wonder if the coaches are trying to protect AB by slowing everything down and shortening the game? I think the defense is hurt from lack of energy the Offense gives. it is definitely hurt by the lack of crowd energy.  

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On 10/20/2021 at 7:48 AM, GHILL9691 said:

The opponent was Ole Miss, they had so much creativity on the offense


Yep, Lane Kiffin has quite a reputation for offense, and the 'Vol fans feel about him (he bolted Knoxville after one year to go to USC) as Oregon fans feel about Willie Taggart.  But Kiffin is a hot commodity on offense, and it would be fun to have that kind of innovation here.


And great first post here and WELCOME!

Mr. FishDuck

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