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Charles Fischer

FishDuck State-of-the-Union: Spammers Stopped Cold

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Hello my Duck-Buddies,


How Are the Two Sites Doing?  (FishDuck.com and the Our Beloved Ducks Forum)



Not a chance, but the good news is that the backlinks placed in FishDuck articles, and the advertising on both sites are able to pay the expenses of the two sites without taking money out of my own pocket. I wish it was better, but I am counting my blessings to have all the costs covered by the sites themselves.



It was fantastic through football season, and now is much slower, as usual in the off-season.  Do post your thoughts, and if you tried to post in the past and got a note from me about doing the process differently?  Forget about that now...just start a thread and we'll take it any way it comes in order to get the Oregon football news out, and start the discussions.  So POST!


People sometimes feel "I must know football better."  Baloney.  We all are right about half-the-time, even when we think we know a ton; the key is sharing your opinion so that we all learn from each other.



Trolls Have No Chance


New Features?

I have created extra work for myself, but new registrations have to be personally approved by the "Big-Fish," and while extra time is spent, it has some big benefits.  I've got to know a few newbies when asked for more information to approve them, but the biggest impact is how we have now stopped the Spammers in their tracks.  No AI is going to penetrate our new registration process!


In a post below are images showing all that new registrants have to provide to sign up.  The good news is that it has really helped to be able to contact people when needed, but it also reveals the Spammers in a heartbeat, as they cannot fill out all the data correctly as a true Oregon fan.  I've also caught a few Trolls this was as well...


Remember--on Thanksgiving evening we had a coordinated attack on the forum from a ton of Spammers, and had not our trusted moderators stopped them....Spammers would have filled the entire front page of posts with ad-spam posts, and it would have continued for another 15 pages back!


Bottom Line on Spammers

We have stopped 14 Spammers in their tracks with the new registration process in the last 40 days. Whew! The time upfront by yours-truly saves a ton of time later for all moderators and OBD member frustration.  


The Countries Trying to Penetrate the Our Beloved Ducks Forum


Red China



US (Philly and Florida)







Zu-Spammer .jpg


And that is just since February 1st....imagine the attacks of the future that will be thwarted!


Can You Help?

What we have is special, but we need more volunteers to make this free site operate as we love.  Can you help?  Email me charles@fishduck.com and let's see if there is a matchup for your time and interest.


Thanks to you all for making this a GREEN REFUGE.  All the sports news unlike anywhere....there is NO data aggregator, link site, or any site that has as much Oregon Sports News posted as at the Our Beloved Ducks forum.


Oregon Sports News, and civilized discussion? It is my nirvana my Duck Buddies...


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Mr. FishDuck

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The new registration process is below, and if you could go into your profile and update it--we can then serve you better!  And you can see how there are too many questions and areas that trip up the Spammers and Trolls.  Only true Duck fans, and opposing fans of good nature need apply!


Registration 1.jpg

Registration 2.jpg




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Mr. FishDuck

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Make that SIXTEEN Spammers stopped since February 1st, as we had two more attempt to penetrate our registration system.  One was from West Bengal India, while the other was from Mandaluyong City, Philippines.


West Bengal India....

Interesting facts about West Bengal for travel aficionados | Times of India  Travel

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Mr. FishDuck

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