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2024 BIG Info, Predictions, Etc.

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Slap on the wrist for Michigan from the first sanction for NCAA violations for improper recruiting. Sign sign-stealing penalty is yet to be decided.



The Committee on Infractions approved a negotiated resolution involving Michigan and five current or former staff members.


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One Hidden Gem on Each Top 10 College Football Team in 2024



The best college football teams have plenty of stars, but unsung contributors are always key elements of successful programs. Looking ahead to the 2024…


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Assessing Oregon Ducks' potential needs as second transfer portal window opens up



Do the Ducks have any outstanding transfer portal needs? Let’s break it down.


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On 4/13/2024 at 2:59 PM, Jon Joseph said:

Ohio State Spring Game - 80,000+ fans on hand.  It's B1G!

Jon and OBD,

   Yes, tOSU closed the open end of the Horseshoe (OSU football stadium) and built seats there several years ago; regardless, there are still tens of thousands of OSU fans that will not be able to afford or to garner a ticket to see one of the Buckeyes' games live. Let's hope the Ducks experience a similar problem within the next five years. But, that is the B1G.


   Just visit the Big House in Ann Arbor. You might ask as you walk past or into the stadium whether this is a new structure. Well, it looks like it! But, that is how many of the B1G universities maintain their stadiums. Just watch (and count the participants) of their marching bands. This is another investment where the Ducks have only dabbled (even though our Sports facilities and School of Music (among many of the other schools) are light-years beyond what they were 40 years ago).


   Our first year in the B1G is going to be an eye-opener for all of us - the newbies and those institutions that have been sitting on their duffers in the B1G conference. They have us academically, but we have been improving by leaps-and-bounds, and will continue to do so.


   tOSU seems to have not withheld any monies this year in their drive to gain the best players and Asst/Coords coaches. So now, it's our mission to beat the Buckeyes and win (against every other team against whom we compete, too). We want their best game to be their Spring game. This year, even Idaho might have its' best team in years! Ducks of Oregon, leave no stone unturned. Go-Fight-Win!


   This is going to be a fun season! Fortunately, we have the coaches, players, staff and analyst support and fans for which most people can only wish.




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