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Dan Lanning Discusses Departure of Carlos Locklyn, Where Team Goes from Here

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“The urgency is to get it right.”  Lanning said “You’re not in a hurry to do anything wrong.  it’s about getting it right, it’s not about getting it fast.”


“The reality is we’re a well-oiled machine right now.  We’ve got guys that really do a good job in that room.  So it’s about getting it right it’s not about sprinting to a date.  We don’t have to have somebody tomorrow.”



Dan Lanning discussed the departure of Carlos Locklyn, and where Oregon goes from here.


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I mean he hired a prison guard who coached at the high school level, helped out with a couple colleges as an analyst then coached at the college level at one backwater university last time. 


If there is a coach who doesn't pick up a call from Lanning he is an idiot. Locklyn went from nobody to a top assistant in a couple years at Oregon. 


Oregon continues to be the place to go as an assistant, or as a head coach to ensure you become successful. If Lanning calls and offers, you just won the lottery!


Oregon will be just fine, and I can't wait to hear who the next great assistant will be.



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Dan Lanning outlines what he is looking for in Oregon’s next running backs coach



Oregon resumed spring practice with an opening on its coaching staff in the wake of Carlos Locklyn’s departure for Ohio State.


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