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  1. It use to be the Duck surprise was followed by a Wow!, now it is a What.........!
  2. I'm in the optimist camp, but it is hard to get behind a team that rely's so much on defense. It is just too hard to wrap my head around. Offense wins games right? We may stumble all the way to the playoffs, but it is hard to accept, that is the way there, but maybe?
  3. This team is gonna be remembered for Anthony Brown and his many swings in play. It will also be remembered for many other players and the type of play. Travis Dye hopefully will continue his stellar play. The most important thing is the development of the defense. Thibs is leading the defense, but Noah and others are rising up and making the Oregon Football Program a defensive first school. Will this be what Cristobal's Oregon will be remembered going forward? Without the turnovers and stops this team isn't 6-1.
  4. I have seen pictures of you cooking chicken and it looked you could make crow or anything pretty tasty. We all get it wrong some of the times, fortunately the Ducks came out on top and that is all that matters!
  5. They won on the road, against Chip Kelly, not bad! What do you say now?
  6. That is the whole basis to my game prediction, AB surprises with his passing. He has made some passes, time to turn loose the Kraken, Go Ducks! Actually much of my prediction hinges on AB hitting some passes going forward, that is forward passes, some longer forward passes.
  7. In the end it will be the programs which finish out strong who make the playoffs and play in the big bowl games. Even if we make the playoffs or a big bowl game this team needs to finish strong to have a monumental season we all want. I love, as much as any fan, that we finally beat tosu. I just don't like how we have played since that win. I suppose I draw a conclusion few fans do, but I dream of the same outcome we all do.
  8. I just hope we can "Dye another day", and it will be a sad day when we can Dye no more. What a legacy the Dye family has left at the Oregon Football Program. I would argue Troy Dye carried the Oregon defense to the January 1st 2020 Rose Bowl. His impact on the program is hard too quantify, and can only be looked upon as substantial, if not historic. Sadly Travis will be the last Dye we will have in the Oregon uniform. Travis is carrying on the legacy, and I look for him to put up some great stats as the season closes out. Another great warrior for the Oregon Football Program. We have been privileged to have Dyed another season!
  9. https://duckswire.usatoday.com/2021/10/22/mario-cristobal-named-to-mid-season-watch-list-for-the-dodd-trophy/ The national news, outlook on Mario is all sunshine and at home, not so much.
  10. --the winner, is there really a question, Oregon --the score, and the tiebreaker information needed from each of you is..., 40-20 --the amount of turnovers Oregon creates, 3 turnovers --the number of sacks Oregon records on Cal, (if this is a trick question then 2) if it is against UCLA then 5 sacks --the number of passing yards. This is the statistic I am surprised I am predicting, 280 yds. passing. I think QB is going to throw a few really nice balls. He has, in the past, thrown some nice ones, and this game will surprise almost all of us. More than one pass, which will hit the spot and change the direction of the Oregon offense in 2021!
  11. I don't think the fans are spoiled, idiots, or the problem, but how they see things may be. I agree they are being observant, but you can also be observant and appreciative, empathetic of the process of these young men and the coaches are working through. We can also be observant and pissed as we seemingly know exactly what could, should and would happen if things were different. I say this in all honesty because I am working on being more empathetic, understanding, and just curious, and it is helping me greatly on my health and welfare. I can also say I can be the displeased fan with the best of them, I just try to choose not to be, it is much more enjoyable.
  12. I am so glad you made that statement with a question mark. I think losing, failure is actually the greatest teacher. Losing greatly gives one the opportunity to learn much. You might be right, the loss to Stanford seems to be the lesson we need to learn. We can't keep losing to lesser talent. This team seems to think it already should beat the tosu's, it just needs to realize what it takes to beat those you should beat. “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” - Henry Ford
  13. If we were 5-1 with a loss at the shoe would we be happier? I would argue many fans would be and the players would be more grounded in the effort, intensity needed to beat tosu next time. Just some food for thought. One can call it spoiled, I would just call it a bit corrupted by the many moving parts of the program and season. I can also agree to disagree, but hopefully not have to admit I was wrong down the road, but that is why we keep sharing on what is know as OBD.
  14. I agree the canary in the coal mine is making noise, and justly so. The points made by many, myself included at times, are valid and worth noting. I do think there are three items which are affecting our thinking this season we should be more cognizant of then I think many are. Number one is recruiting has spoiled our expectations. We are somewhat like the programs who are preseason favorites. Too many fans think we have, or should win the league and national title before the season even begins. Injuries happen, young student athletes aren't always ready, and the young players make mistakes, along with stupid decisions, penalties. The second item, which I think may be most important is winning at the shoe affected both the fans and players negatively. The best case scenario was we lost at the shoe. The players would have realized they need to work hard to become a top ten team. The fans would have benefited by realizing this is a young team, with injuries we still need to be patient with. Instead we have players and fans not grounded in what it is going to take to be that team, 'we already are.' Lastly is the point I made earlier. It takes many programs years to build a powerhouse, our program took decades. Comparing our program to Alabama, Clemson or Miami isn't fair. Saban had a Heisman Trophy winner his third season, we haven't recruited a heisman winner, nor a RB who can play in the NFL for 10 seasons. Can we do it the Clemson way, Alabama way, nope, it is going to be the Oregon way, under Cristobal. I agree there are many indicators Cristobal may not have the chops to guide this program to a National Title. I have no problem discussing and highlighting those weaknesses, all coaches and individuals have them. I will say there are many things we aren't considering as much as we should, while being cognizant of the canary chirping in the background.
  15. Interestingly Oregon fans were spoiled by the stability and growth of the Oregon Football Program over the decades culminating in Chip Kelly taking over that program and lifting it too new heights. Also interestingly Chip Kelly was spoiled by the Oregon Football Program and has struggled to replicate what was that program. I think the main item the Oregon Football Fans and Chip Kelly need to realize is how lucky we were. The program was destroyed, and the decades of building processes and procedures, when Chip Kelly left. Chip Kelly, and his self assured personality has had trouble replicating what was the Oregon Football Program because he just thinks it was him. The question with Chip is can he reflect on the strengths of the program and try to replicate what he needs, so far not so much. With the Oregon Football Program can the fans appreciate what it took to put together the finely tuned machine which was the Oregon Football Program. The coaches were there for decades, not a year, and it was easy to have a freshman learn from a senior. A new assistant could assimilate into the program, he didn't have to build within the chaos of multiple assistants trying to put their systems in place. I question whether either Chip or the Oregon Fans have what it takes to really get to where they both want to be. I give the Oregon Fans a better chance, but seeing how impatient we are at 5-1, I wonder. None of us has been an active part of building what was, we saw it, but it wasn't us in there day in and day out. Chip and the Oregon Fans have both benefited from it, but which one can help let it happen? Tomorrow will be just another step in seeing which is closest to reaching that quest.
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