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  1. I really don't like the use of the next, insert name here, the guy is going to be Seven, good enough. I suppose this is where we can all differ, respectfully. I will agree we need the next speed threat, as that has been missing. Not sure DAT will ever be replaced and maybe that is why I am not a fan of the whole next thing. DAT is almost a sacred Duck to me. I also don't remember anybody ever really catching DAT. The guy just moved fluidly, at speed, through and around people, and nobody caught the guy from behind. Certainly not like Metcalf caught the husky, Budda Baker, from behind.
  2. I think you just verbalized the sentiment of the fans, and most importantly, the coaches. Without the spring game and more scrimmage time it is hard to tell who has it. There is something about game speed and the dynamics of the games rhythm that separates those that just look good from those that play good. Without game speed, college game speed, there are a multitude of players who have looked good, but just didn't have it at the next level. We need to find out who has it at the next level. I personally like Ashford, but he will need to compete this spring if he really wants to win
  3. As stated the husky is a proud breed and Nick the Siberian Husky won best in show in 2020. Nick beats out all of the mens programs for a national tltle. The dawgs may want to hire Nick to consult on what it takes to win a national title. What a real champion husky looks like, because we have never seen one before.
  4. The University of Washington isn't a school where a men's program thrives or ever really wins anything. They have never won a NCAA title, they do 'claim' some, but they haven't officially won anything. Oregon has won 33 National title, 19 men's titles, 14 women's titles. Until the men at Washington step up and win something, they just aren't relevant. Also remember last time we played they were laying down on the field before they even got the ball. I would imagine any self respecting huskie probably doesn't appreciate being call Washington's mascot, it is a proud breed.
  5. 2020 made Oregon stronger, 6th place, in the recruiting rankings, stronger. That is really all that matters in this truncated preseason, season and how the program should be measured. As far as usc getting much stronger, haven't I heard that before? I hope somebody in the Pac-12 gets stronger, but I wouldn't count on the trojans, with Helton at the wheel. What will help Oregon going forward is the DC hire. We also need to see some decent transfer action and maybe another recruit. This is what will make the Oregon program going forward. The season was a joke, which Oregon made the bes
  6. I think if the program was on a teeter totter we would have barely fell to the side of a winning season this year. We could have very easily fallen to the losing side, and there would be more questions about the program. The question going forward is which side of the teeter totter will we fall going forward. The recruiting has most convinced we will continue the accent to the elite status. I know I am extremely excited to watch the massive infusion of talent on the program. The biggest question is how is Oregon going to stop the teeter totter from falling to the weaker side, when it
  7. Two things have to happen, we have to recognize the talent, and develop the talent at the qb position. Once these two things happen all will be good at the Oregon Football Program and their qb. Tom Brady, the GOAT, wasn't utilized at Michigan as one would think he would have been. He didn't start the first couple seasons, and was way down on the depth chart. Even when he started he was always under pressure by a back-up who never became the GOAT. The first item is Oregon needs to recognize who has it, even if he is way back on the depth chart. The next item, which is of concern, is w
  8. I agree we go for most pounds per transfer, at this point for our needs.
  9. I think we are all appreciating what Gary Campbell brought the program, more and more! He is also one of the truly great humans, people, amazing man.
  10. I would be interested in what the experts say, but I think we didn't have a qb who could make the throws needed at the college level. A college qb needs to be able to throw over LB's and into zones. It seemed like Shough didn't have these throws in his repertoire. A college qb also needs to be able to see these zones and defensive players in game time, game speed. I remember Kellen Clemens and others struggled at this initially so all is not lost. We do need a qb who can put the ball where it needs to be and can see that in real time. For a go to receiver to make catches he needs a
  11. I am pretty sure most seasoned fans will balk at any talk about a bend don't break defense, lining up way back for the line of scrimmage, or having our DB's play behind the first down markers on 3rd and long. I look forward to hearing the new DC describe his defense. I am even more excited to see what he can do with all of this talent. I just ask that he build, don't break the defense! I am also hopeful the players will excited to play for the guy, probably most important.
  12. My big fear is any of the older guys are going to have flaws, or the new guys generally means, fraught with mistakes. We need another generational talent, or the qb position is going to be an area of weakness. I have to pick our new guy to be the next generational talent, Ty Thompson is our next great qb! I have to say I still like Ashford, so who really knows?
  13. Great point and maybe be straight up with the guy. If you really want to play basketball, you better go after the TE position. We will support you like no other school in reaching your goals, just let us know what they are. You can even be on a NCAA championship caliber Track and Field team at shot put, 3 sport athlete.
  14. Not to worry, if history holds true, we will be doing what Alabama is doing in about 5 years. Alabama will be doing what Oregon is doing is about 5 years. All will be good in about 5 years. As far as Najee, he saw the train wreck we were at the time and never really considered us. Gary Campbell was retiring and we didn't have a chance. We do need a RB coach who can identify and recruit elite college talent. I do like Seven, and Sean, but would defer to what Campbell thought.
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