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  1. The only difference is at USC, if you pay enough, you can get in as a varsity athlete.
  2. There isn't, and wasn't a hurricane in Miami, but I imagine there is one brewing within the alumni. I, again, am interested to see how our previous coach reacts to the negative feedback he will soon be getting. This coaches stay as head coach may be shorter than slicks. MariØ just doesn't respond well to negative feedback.
  3. The reason the students started calling themselves the robber barons, and the faculty shut it down is because of their history. One of the most notorious robber barons was Leland Stanford. The Stanford history isn't all beautiful redwood trees and pretty red colors. As far as students worrying about their grade and flunking chemistry, it doesn't happen. There is no 'F' at Stanford, fact. The average grade point at 'The Color' is 3.55, up from 2.48 in 1917. Back then the endowment was much lower, you figure it out. Ok I will help, the $56k tuition is just the beginning of the commitment for most of the families of those wanting to have their child become a little tree. I do want the team to show up because they need to see vengence up close and personal. All 60 of their fans can show up too, because they need to see how football should be played. Now if any of those refs from last year show their faces, we should run them up into the National Forest, and all the way up to the Cedar Creek Fire, where they can, well you get the idea. Ok, now where is my coffee, I'm feeling a little grumpy!
  4. It would have been a move away from our obsession with offense, and promoting OC's and given Alliotti the respect he deserved. Maybe too many in power positions we like me back then, lacking an appreciation for Nic brought to the program. Another interesting thought is he might have been ready to retire about now. Maybe we would have brought in Lanning, and we would be with the same coach, but completely different history. Nick deserved the shot at head coach, and the student athletes loved him and respected him. He had all the connections with recruiting and coaching to have made it work.
  5. Last year I was pushing him to get on the top 30 watch list for the Lou Garza award. He then fizzled out, along with the rest of the team, as the season came to an end. Hopefully he can continue to make all his extra points, field goals, and even some long ones.
  6. I use to hate it, but grew to appreciate the defense and Alliotti. I definitely like what Lanning is doing, and now can better appreciate this scheme. I also look for the zone blitzes to be more effective against Stanford, at least to the naked eye with sacks. The one Alliotti move I will never like is the DB's lining up behind the first down markers on third and long. I can do without that part of bend don't break!
  7. Defensive lineman are often tasked with pinning their ears back and just going after the qb. The O-lineman are trained to create wholes and pass protect, creating at nice pocket for the qb. With a Lanning defense we see our defenders doing more than just going as fast and as direct to the qb as possible. They are controlling the plays with their movements, more than the opposing offensive lines. I still remember Noah running right past guys when he was a freshman. He often did not even realizing they had the ball or he missed the qb. I remember saying when he slows down and sees the game being played he would be a force, we are there! There is much more discipline on the defense now, not the crazy sack stats, or the flashy interceptions numbers, but just solid, smart defense. I like it, actually I love it!
  8. I hear Saturn will be viewable in the sky this Saturday night. The Stanford qb might want to know where to look for it as he will be on his back quite often. My guess if the Stanford qb will be able to view Saturn about 10 times, and might be down for a bit so he might be able to find it if he knows where to look. Something productive for him to do while on his back.
  9. I also think we saw Oregon's defense go into containment on WSU's qb Ward because he was a very dangerous runner, or at least dangerous moving in the pocket. Containing him where he might not want to be was almost as effective as creating a sack. This weekend we again see a very good qb in Tanner McKee. The difference is he is a pocket passer, who is big and tall, but not the running threat. It will be interesting to see if the Ducks can provide more pressure knowing he probably won't be as agile as Ward was. Another difference from the past is Stanford doesn't have the height advantage they use to have against our defense when throwing the ball. It will be interesting to watch how the passing game plays out, if I can stay up that late!
  10. Constraint which creates havoc. Without the qb being able to roll out the play is limited. Much like limiting a basketball player to his weak hand, or away from the play he wants to make. Great analysis!
  11. But if it part of it brakes you need someone ready to fix it, right? Or if the NFL steals your whole O-line next year, are you ready?
  12. With a player that talented you probably only have him for 3 years. You, at least, want to have him ready to play at a high level for two of them. Get him on the field as much as possible. We will also need leadership on the young Oline we will have next year. I have faith Lanning and Dilly have it figured out.
  13. Dilly's stock is only going to go up, unless he makes the wrong choice. That is the bottomline.
  14. Very astute observation and I am sure Coach Lanning is quite pleased. The program is becoming more of a family. This attitude also extends to feeling responsible when you blow a play or get a penalty. This is also why I surprised by the penalties last weekend. I know I heard Lanning interested in hearing about why DJ got his penalty. That seemed like something was said to provoke him. This doesn't make the penalty ok, but it interesting Lanning spoke about wanting to know more about the back ground on how it happened.
  15. The assistants will leave, nothing we can do about that other than keep hiring coaches who can become successful. Who wouldn't want to be the OC at Oregon? Who is the last OC we had who isn't a head coach now, Helfrich? The only questions for Dilly on this subject, is when does he want to become a head coach, and what circumstances is he looking for? I tend to think he wants a little more experience under Dan, and he may not want to take over a catastrophically bad situation, first job.
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