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  1. Most golf courses try to keep Ducks off the course. Nobody can catch these Ducks!
  2. Makes you cry seeing Herbert with those numbers. It is, time again, to have the Oregon QB sling it!
  3. It all speaks to having depth. This seems to be the last ingredient we have been lacking, when we had coaching. We just might have it all now!
  4. It was hard to hate SC back in the day, as their greatest coaches were Ducks! As far as wanting to beat a team, that has to be Utah this season. As far as hating to lose too, that would be the dawgs, then the beavs. I will also say I am starting to dislike the games against the cardinal. We are 2-4 most recently and have an overall losing record. I don't hate the school, but don't like losing to the smart guys either.
  5. This kid has wheels, real 40 speed, and is a multi-sport standout. He checks all the boxes in my book, go get him Team Lanning! Two-sport athlete who shows some bounce on the basketball floor. Leading scorer as a sophomore for a Maize squad that went 23-2 and won the Kansas 5A state... 247SPORTS.COM summary
  6. I have one vintage "Go Pre" poster which I cherish more than some of the art I have. One t-shirt, and and old sweatshirt. My dog does have a duck pillow.
  7. Completely agree an apology could've made it all better. Kids may not want to be 'disrespected', but deep down they want to know somebody cares and they want to be taught right and wrong. I might add, they need to be taught right and wrong. Also admitting a mistake makes on real, something else kids like. I think that was one of Critobal's strengths, kids believed in him. The problems happened, and began to happen as they started not believing in him. This was going to become a bigger problem as all the broken promises start adding up. Another reason season 4-5 is where a salesman need to start showing real skill or the relationship is over.
  8. I was just glad he didn't call a timeout to do it! These little insights into the real hamster wheel happenings inside Mari's mind were telling. The timeouts, the over the top public ass chewing, the prevent offense, we all canaries in the coal mine for what what actually happening after the sales job. Mari's is an impressive salesman, but the follow through is what makes a program sustainable. At FIU he peaked out at 4 years and then the wheels began to fall off middle of year 5. FIU fired Mario after 6 years, we got bailed out after 4 years. If Mario's act does only last about 4 years then we got very lucky. This is something which will be interesting to watch. Both Lanning and Mario are very good salesman, but which one can create a sustainable program? I think the development of players is critical, not just the occassional top NFL talent. Some players are just that talented. The real question in programs is about student athletes, and game day reaching potential? Are they exceeding expectations, along with the program? I think fans, players and assistant coaches began to see somethings which didn't line up. The wheels were about to fall off, and were beginning to actually see it. I hope Lanning is able to develop, and exceed our expectations for his and our benefit.
  9. 'If you not first, your last.' Ricky Bobby, oh real sports quotes. 'If you not first the view never changes' sled dog. And the best, “Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all time thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.” Vince Lombardi
  10. I do remember Petey not being too happy about Bellotti and Oregon. I suppose that was back when there was more on the line.
  11. We just need somebody who can get them the ball, with a scheme that works, and the other receivers who can and will block. Not too hard of an ask, but a lot of moving parts. I suppose it also takes a lot of the unmeasurables which we will be able to better quantify once the games begin!
  12. I'm sorry, but when I hear it took a sophomore a long time to make a name for himself I have to shake my head. I do agree the kid sounds like he has the intangibles to be the anti-jailblazer. I can agree this the direction I want to see the Blazers go if I am going to follow NBA basketball ever again. I also like the statement 'praise is probably worse than criticism' something to ponder. We live in an era of enabled superstars, the era of grinders and kids with chips on their shoulder seldom make it. Reading about a kid focused on working hard and grinding is refreshing, thanks for sharing.
  13. And with the jump ball on the other side of the field we no longer are at a large disadvantage anymore either. Our safeties are up to 6' 4" and our DB's are no longer at an extreme disadvantage, hovering around 6' or more too. We are getting ready to compete with the big boys!
  14. Sounds like the guy the Patriots drafted in the first round.
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