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No Booing Except Bad Ref Calls

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Long time Duck fan in San Francisco. Booing or questioning the Pac-12 refs is okay sometimes because they are known to not be any good and with many questionable calls. No booing the Ducks ever.  Its tacky , trashy, unsportsmanlike and rude. I am a long time Golden State Warriors fan and no one boos them, only refs. Cristobal is mad about it and rightly so. Classy fans don't do it. If you need do it,  do it an forum. Any issues the Ducks have, trash talkers are part of it. 


These are 18-22 year olds, no one deserves that ever. What you say and do at any game that is booing and rude is who you are (rude  ). Your words at home, at work and at a game, it's all the same. It's not ok to be a "d..." 


They are #7 for a reason and only Pac 12 in the Top 25 and from a group that shows no love to the Pac 12. #GoDucks.  Next time you want to do it, think about how you would feel. It is not going to make a difference in how they play.  Thank you. 

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My friends, what you see above is an example of what we do NOT do on this site, and there has been a ton of it recently.  Normally I deal with this privately, but I think a public example is appropriate with what I've been dealing with.


Note what she did; she insulted anyone who disagreed with her, and we don't do that here regardless of the topic. Disagreement is great, but disparaging others to make your point about being classy--doesn't resonate.


She is new and did what many do; she ignored the rules or doesn't think they apply to her.  


Do NOT Throw Group-Shade


Everyone please see No. 2 with our rules. Throwing Group-Shade is meant to discourage others from writing an opposing view, and we don't allow it.  It would be like me writing that those who write as this person above did is a "Sunshine-Pumper" or a "Cristobal Suck-Up."  You have never seen anything like that in anyone's writing on one side, while some of the arguments against booing implied that those who disagree are childlike or uncouth. Belittling and maligning from both sides are not allowed here.


Debate, disagree and state your case, but we do not denigrate people in the process.  I am starting get pretty annoyed at the time I have to take with this stuff when everything is spelled out.

Mr. FishDuck

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