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Structure, Organization of NIL is Key to Oregon's Recruiting Success

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“Oregon is not richer than these other schools,” Hopkins continued. “Sure, Phil Knight has a lot of money and he can spend whatever he wants to spend. But he’s really not out here writing senseless checks.”


Rather, it comes down to making a strong pitch of the program and a fair NIL deal, says Hopkins: “I think in a lot of these cases, Oregon isn’t necessarily beating these guys out with NIL money. I think they’re being competitive, they’re making fair offers.”


Hopkins believes the NIL system in place at Oregon is a well-oiled machine. Perhaps they don’t dish out huge payments up front, but compared to other schools, there’s more of an established path for longer-term NIL success.


“The structure is the key. The organization of Oregon’s NIL is the key. It’s put together in such a thoughtful way and there’s so many long-term benefits as to what Oregon presents on their NIL packages.”


“That’s really what gets the parents and the kids motivated. Because again, it’s not them saying ‘here is $5 million.’ Like, look, here’s a competitive offer, but then look at how this thing can stack up for you and how we can help you grow your brand and really help you monetize things.”


For some kids, maybe the flashy number up front is all they’re looking for. But Justin Hopkins believes Oregon’s success on the recruiting trail is a product of their multi-year NIL vision more than anything else.


“I think that’s what people are missing. I know a lot of fans are mad at Oregon because they’re recruiting at an unreal level that we’ve never seen, but you have to understand, I don’t think they’re out there outbidding and buying everybody.”



Following two successful seasons under Dan Lanning and now a transition into the Big Ten, Oregon football on fire on the recruiting trail.


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Though, I could not find the article they mentioned in this video.  Not sure about their statement in video.


Could it be DJ Pickett and Jonah Williams coming our way? 🤞Let's hope.


Phil Knight DROPS BOMBSHELL about the Future of Oregon Football and NIL

Dan Lanning & The Ducks LOOK to LAND MORE 5 STARS and HUGE NEWS in regards to NIL




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Ok, this is the article the podcast in this thread was referring to.  Take it with a grain of salt, most likely not real reliable. Besides it seem Mr. Weasel himself, Rick Neuheisel helped spread this bit of gossip.





86-Year-Old Nike Founder Phil Knight Is Funding Oregon’s Insane Recruiting Run With NIL Money


Nike founder Phil Knight wants the University of Oregon to win a national championship in college football before he dies. He is...


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Tomorrow on FishDuck I have an article about NIL and how Oregon isn't buying players as USC and Longhorn fans are insisting these days. 


Our NIL is critical to our recruiting success but it is only part of it. 

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