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Charles Fischer

Cristobal: Good Offensive Line Moves and Injury Update

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(From Oregon Athletics Press Release)


Question: You had some guys get banged up today. Do you have any updates?


CRISTOBAL: "I think that Steve (Stephens) had a soft tissue injury. Verone (McKinley) is fine. Happle did not play today, but we expect him back next week. Forsyth we held out, he is closer. You guys have heard me say that every week, but we are still not quite there. Daymon is fine, it looked like a stinger or something of that nature. It really threw his body around in there. I think he is good. That about sums it up, unless you guys have another one on there."


Question:  On the offensive line switching spots and needing to be versatile due to injuries…


CRISTOBAL: "Walk has been off the charts. TJ (Bass) is very versatile and so is George (Moore). Sometimes when you run certain things schematically - from a man-blocking scheme or double team, gap zone, or pin-pull, you just really see guys do really well. I can’t get into all the specifics of why we move guys and the advantages that it gives us, but we felt today was a really strong move that paid off really well for us. So, we felt that the assessment was a good one."


Travis Dye Colorado

Mr. FishDuck

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