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Charles Fischer

Cristobal Details the "Freshmen Touchdown"

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(From Oregon Athletics Press Release)


Question:  Can you walk through the touchdown pass to Troy Franklin with the blitz pickup by Seven McGee?


CRISTOBAL: "Yeah, tremendous recognition by Seven. First, the line making the right call. The quarterback knowing he is protected. Seven for identifying the blitzer. We will be all over him about it to make sure that he meets him at the line of scrimmage, you know that any cushion you give up could end up in the quarterback’s lap. I think he ended up grabbing onto Anthony’s leg as he launched the ball.


Everyone knew their assignment. Everyone tried to do it at the highest level, and that is a perfect example of ‘Alright, Seven. Next time, this is going to happen an extra yard and a half to the yard closer to the line of scrimmage.’ There won’t be that distraction of a guy wrapped around Anthony’s ankle, and the throw will come out cleaner. And then on the flip side is Troy finding himself open and then going up and pulling that ball down in traffic, because there were lots of hands and bodies over there.


Two young guys working with an older guy. We are counting on all of them, so for those guys to actually get real live time together and having success doing so."

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Mr. FishDuck

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