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Jon Joseph


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With the PO Committee Poll arriving on Tuesday night we may see a different calculus but this is the PO scenario using the last 2021, relevant AP Poll.


NOTE: The 10 commissioners and the ND have not dumped expanding the PO field. Discussions regarding same are scheduled for next week. Too much $ is involved to put this topic away before the 2026 season.


12 Teams: 

1 UGA -SEC vs 9 Michigan AL at 8 Notre Dame AL

2. CINCINNATI - AAC vs 10 Wake ACC at 7 Oregon Pac-12

3. OK - B12 vs 11 OK ST AL at 6 Ohio State AL

4. Michigan State - Big10 vs 12 Auburn AL at 5 Alabama AL


8 teams with all P5 champs in.

1. UGA - SEC vs 8 Wake Forest - ACC

2. Cincinnati - G5 vs 7 Oregon - Pac -12

3. Alabama - AL vs 6 Ohio State - AL

4. Oklahoma - B12 vs 5 Michigan State - Big 10


MY guess? 12 will be adopted with no conference being allowed more than 3 entrants. And possibly, ND if it wants independence, having to play 13 regular season games?


But Alliance or not, the ACC, Pac-12, reconstituted B12, Notre Dame and the G5 cannot leave expansion money behind.


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