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FishDuck Article

Oregon’s Defensive Fire Follows Sewell

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Behind a couple of truly deflating losses this season, there has been one shining star that even with the growing pains of being a young linebacker, has brought a new energy and inspiration to a core of backers that has needed direction since Troy Dye left for the NFL. Noah Sewell has been that bright spot for Our Beloved Ducks, noted early ...


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FishDuck: in the Top 1% in the World for 2020 (again) for pages read.  And All-Volunteer? An incredible community of Duck fans!

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Good observations about this wonderful young linebacker.  Thanks Alex!


How high is Noah Sewell's ceiling?  Will he recharge the defense's energy?  He is improving each game. I think he has the talent and desire to accomplish all his goals and be the leader Oregon needs!

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Thanks Alex. Sewell is a very good young player but it is up to the coaches and not Noah Sewell to have the team ready to play.


The team was ready to play on the road at Ohio State and UCLA but not the least prepared to play on The Farm and in SLC. Go figure?


I am geeked for a re-match against a Utah team that is NOT 31 points better than Oregon! Go Ducks and win on Saturday. The Beavs is a good team but not a good road team. 1 win on the road versus a bad USC team and a loss at Washington State  in a game that wasn't that close.

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