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OC to Oregon

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Dan Mullens for OC at Oregon. Moorehead offense does not open the field. All clustered together. Ducks never extend the field. Granted Brown CANT THROW a deep ball period. What’s your thoughts here?

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Mullens has been a great OC where ever he has been. His problem at UF was not being able to recruit to the level of UGA and the team after a couple of close Ls, including a 2 point L to Bama, gave up on him and the season.


Mullens just got a check for $6M and UF owes him another $6M.


I don't see him being interested in an OC position when I think he will get another HC job in a couple of years; if he wants to work again? Frankly, I don't think he'd be interested in reporting to Mario?

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Appreciate the feed back Jon. I am a ginormous Duck fan. But have been so disappointed in our offense. Moorehead and Arroyo offenses are almost the same. We have play makers. We just don’t get them the ball. Pittman leaving is a big red flag. Huge loss in my eyes. 

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