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I have read many thoughts regarding the Duck football program. Here are my thoughts. What are my expectations for our Ducks? Be competitive. It would be OK to win the conference and the Rose Bowl 3 to 4 times in a decade. Winning a natty would be icing on the cake, but not necessary for my support and loyalty.


I think the coaching staff has done an outstanding job getting us to 9-2. Let us look at some facts.  There are 120 players on the roster. 75 or 62% are freshmen, 28 or 23% are sophomores, 9 or 7% are juniors and 8 or 7% are seniors. That gives us 85% of our roster are freshmen and sophomores. Yes, they are talented, but they are young. Oregon has had over 20 injured players that have been lost for the year or have lost numerous games of playing time. We have a QB that is adequate, but is not elite. The future is bright. In my judgement, 2023 will be the year Oregon joins the elite programs.


Jon Joseph did an excellent financial analysis comparing the PAC with the SEC and Big12. It is clear the PAC 12 is in  a poor financial position compared to these conferences. This could be really  financially disadvantageous  for the PAC in the long run. Money talks and TV money is the tail wagging the dog. Jon urges us to be patient in the attempt to solve these financial disparities and take the long view. (Jon, may I suggest you apply this principal to the football program)?


Those of you wanting to fire Cristobal due to the Utah blow out. Graves and Altman have suffered the same blow outs? Should they be fired them too? If you really want to fire Cristobal, be careful what you wish .

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Great to see you join us DUCKBILL, and please do post your thoughts often.  WELCOME!

Mr. FishDuck

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