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Can Oregon Win The Pac-12 Three Times In A Row?

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Even though USC is projected to rank higher then the Ducks, a three-peat will depend on our defense which is kind of up in the air right now and of course our QB which is also up in the air right now. 


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Short Answer... YES!

Longer Answer...


From the sound of it the entire Offensive line plans to return... and even if one or two choose not to there will be plenty of talent behind them pushing for playing time. I would even be surprised that a 2020 starter loses a starting spot to a 2021 Freshman.

All but one running back return and the one who is not returning wasn't even listed on this years depth chart.

Johnny Johnson, and Jaylon Redd have not decided whether or not they will return next year but there is so much incoming talent and talent behind them that their starting spots will be contested if they choose to return. The only pass catcher that has so far declared they will not be returning is Hunter Kampmoyer though the Tight End room still looks like it will be well stocked next year.

Quarterback will be an intense competition but that is on the whole a very good thing.


Lenoir and Scott are leaving... that's about it. Everyone else got a year of needed experience and will be better next year.


This Oregon team ended this year on a down note and they are going to want to prove themselves. The rest of the Pac-12 better look out because Oregon is recruiting better all the time and that youth has gained experience. KT and Wright are both going to be juniors and Sewell is going to be a sophomore, good luck Pac-12.


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I am in agreement with David on this one!  Lots of questions, but that is the fun of watching the drama play out...

Mr. FishDuck

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