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Most Improved Ducks: Dorlus and Hutson

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I agree with both, as they shout big things for 2022...


Kris Hutson_Scott Kelley.jpg

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Mr. FishDuck

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Hutson gets it for that amazing catch in the Alamo Bowl alone, but Thonton certainly had flashes of brilliance and Franklin had some great catches all season. Dorlus> my mind explodes at how much he and Sewell, and the rest of the D can improve even more next season!

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If I were a defensive player I would have to give Oregon a serious look.


DL and Lupoi have some impressive credentials between the 2 of them. 


Only one DC with a natty in 2022 and he now resides at Oregon.


Lupoi has NFL experience witch is serious credibility when talking defensive schemes to young players with NFL in their minds.

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