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D1 Baseball Rankings - Media vs RPI

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Everyone knows that the media are biased. That is one of the reasons RPI came about. To try and remove bias by using statistics. The rating percentage index, commonly known as the RPI, is a quantity used to rank sports teams based upon a team's wins and losses and its strength of schedule.


Of course statistics can be biased in the selection of which stats are used, and what weights are assigned to the data.


Neverless, Our Beloved Ducks Baseball Team after beating Gonzaga yesterday in Spokane is now ranked #7 in the nation in RPI by D1 Baseball.


Follow along with the most accurate college baseball RPI updated daily as the Road to Omaha continues.


Fantastic job by Coach Waz and the Mighty Men of Oregon!

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RPI is great, but in the end...people do look at the polls.  Right now only two Pac-12 teams are in the top-25, (Oregon State and Arizona) but I do think you will see OBD in there before long.  Thanks for posting the RPI, as it lets Oregon fans understand that our Ducks are playing very well right now.  Give us three killer pitchers along with this hitting, and Omaha would be very attainable!  (But I do like the development of many of the young pitchers!)



Here are the latest D1baseball top 25 rankings after the start of conference play. Ole Miss holds on to the No. 1 spot despite a 2-2 week and Virginia is up nine spots to No. 10.


Mr. FishDuck

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