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Preview Top Prep QB's

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The Elite 11 Finals kicks off next week, with 20 top 2023 quarterbacks set to attend. We look at where things stand...


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What a conundrum! I'm seriously hoping we can pull Moore, as he's made me forget about Rashada and Nico...but it seems like a very sharp two-edged sword with him. We either risk going all-in on Moore and leave Avery to K-State, or we push for Avery at the risk of letting the Aggies wine and dine Moore.


What concerns me is that we end up chasing both and getting neither. Granted, not landing a top QB this cycle isn't a death sentence, but it's certainly not something we want to toy with.  However, my thought is we go 100% after Moore.  I don't say that b/c I think he'll be miles better than Avery, rather I think it sends the signal to the rest of college football (and every recruit in the nation) that we've arrived and will have to be taken seriously. We are a threat and a home for top tier talent.


If football is a game of inches like we're told, then landing Moore is an inch that we have to take with confidence and authority.  No longer is making the top-5 of a 5 stars list enough, we need to land them and this is as good of a place to assert that as anywhere...

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