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  1. I have not been a member of this forum very long. What I can say is that this forum has made me better than I ever intended to be. Mindful of the rules, I have found a way to express myself in a thoughtful manner. It forces me to think a little deeper about what I have to say. I am a better fan and my football IQ has increased significantly since I became a regular contributor to this forum. When I was at my brothers (huge Husky fan) for Thanksgiving, he engaged conversation about the game. It was clear he just wanted to talk smack. And I had a lot to say. To my surprise I was able to talk thoughtfully and respectfully. Conversation was short because I didn't speak with vitriol and nastiness. Plus we lost... Gŕrr! I believe My reaction was because of spending so much time on OBDF. Proof that because of OBDF, I am better than I ever intended to be. Thanks Charles. Keep being a good example because you never know who is watching or how you are impacting others.
  2. Oregon Ducks ‘very confident’ injured nose tackle Popo Aumavae will be able to return in 2023 WWW.GOOGLE.COM Oregon’s lone scholarship senior not to take part in the Senior Night ceremony before last week’s Utah game...
  3. Anyone know if WS has recruiting chops. Probably not much info on this guy. Going ro have to trust Lanning on this one.
  4. I was hoping Brohm would come to Oregon. He was my first pick. But maybe Stein is a better fit. Seems to be of the mold Lanning is looking for.
  5. There have been no issues with Klemm this year. Atleast as far as I have heard. Just great offensive line play and players having fun. Kinda unfair to dig up old news and see if it will stick imo.
  6. Drake Maye is a great QB and will play in this game. Bo Nix is a great QB who probably won't play in this game. Anything outside of NY6 of playoff is a waste of time. The best players rarely play if they are upperclassmen. Why risk injury? I will watch, let me rephrase, the game will be on my TV
  7. Would have like to see Buckeyes in the 4 slot. Heaven forbid we have a B1G NC game. Can't really argue it though. OSU loss was to #2 Michigan. I think those are the best 4 in CFB. Committee got it right imo.
  8. Joe Brady has 4 regular season games to coach plus playoffs. Bills are the highest scoring offense in the NFL. If Brady is to be a Duck, does that get announced immediately? After regular season? After playoff run? Would be a great hire if true. The logistics are tricky though.
  9. They are talking about this over on caneswire. Miami fan not happy with this. Mariø went after him and was turned down.
  10. Many different levels of fans. Bandwagon fans are fans like everyone else. Some are just more fanatic about it. I am a football fan. Ducks are my favorite team. Dont watch other sports. Doesn't make me less of a fan than anyone else. When the Ducks are playing poorly and dropping games. Bandwagon fans aren't cheering them on, neither am I. Only Difference I am still watching. When the Ducks are winning? Eugene, the whole state starts vibrating. We need fair weather fans to make that happen.
  11. One thing we have learned for sure: Bo Nix, Caleb Williams and Max Duggan are warriors. Some gritty QB'S in college football this year. Daniels is playing hurt too. LSU is getting pounded though. Some great Conf championship games this year.
  12. Max Duggan, dude was a beast. That was one of the best non Duck Football games I have seen.
  13. I don't think this loss should drop TCU out. It would be a travesty.
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