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Fall Camp Opens Friday: Dan Lanning Goals On Mind

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"Ducks Do More" one of many good ideas DL has on his mind since his hiring!



Fall camp opens up Friday for the Oregon Duck football program and new Oregon head football coach Dan Lanning admitted he's waking up...




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"We Do More!" Nice touch Dan the Man. Only 29 more days and counting.

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The Head Coach is building a special program. Oregon Football should be more fun than ever. Go Ducks.

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This is a very telling quote IMO:


One thing I've always said is if you're good enough, you're old enough. I don't really care if your kids are freshmen or seniors," said Lanning. "We want the players that are good on the field. If you're if there are 35 guys on offense that can impact us and make us a good team on offense then I want to use all 35. I don't want to be there playing with a letter guys. And you know what the 30th guys good enough to make an impact for us in some way. And we're not doing that. And so I spent a lot of time thinking about personnel."


My perception of the past couple of years was playing time was allocated based on seniority.  Again nothing confirmed, just an observation.

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