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Vin Scully’s Passing Reminds Us To Celebrate Legendary Broadcasters

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This SDS article obviously focuses on a few big SEC moments at the end, but it’s a great read. I never knew Vin Scully got his start in college football. I know everybody’s favorite call is The Pick call by Jerry Allen, but what are some of your other favorite calls? It doesn’t have to be Duck related as long as it doesn’t put USC or the fuskies in a good light.  I always loved Jerry Allen’s call at the end of the 2010 Civil War. It wasn’t exciting, but the emotion he showed made it memorable. 



Vin Scully is a reminder to celebrate all that is great about sports, including those who narrate the action.



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It's not related to the Ducks, but two Al Michael's calls.


First, of course, at the Olympics, "Do you believe in miracles?"


Second, the World Series in SF, "I think we're having an earth--"



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Hard to find Scully's Dodgers call of Bobby Thompson's home run in 1951, as it was eclipsed by Russ Hodges's, "The Giants win the pennant, the Giants win the pennant! He did get to call all of Sany Koufax's great games, "3 and 2 to Harvey Kuenn"

The "Voice of Beaver Nation", Mike Parker is very much in the Vin Scully mode. " 

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