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  1. I always though the term “corch” was minted by U.S. Representative Corrine Brown during her speech to the House where she formally congratulated “Corch Irving Meyers” and the Florida Gator football team for the 2008 national championship.
  2. When you’re getting beat down all the time you have to throw the football a lot to catch up. Hence, good WR numbers.
  3. To me, the ASU loss wasn’t the issue. The issue was that Oregon had arguably the best QB in the nation in JH, but nobody knew it. Including Mario. The fact that he was only ever Honorable Mention All-Pac 12 says a lot about his coaching. The Chargers had to be giddy about getting a great QB with low mileage.
  4. No season ending injuries every week and get stops on 3rd and 17.
  5. This SDS article obviously focuses on a few big SEC moments at the end, but it’s a great read. I never knew Vin Scully got his start in college football. I know everybody’s favorite call is The Pick call by Jerry Allen, but what are some of your other favorite calls? It doesn’t have to be Duck related as long as it doesn’t put USC or the fuskies in a good light. I always loved Jerry Allen’s call at the end of the 2010 Civil War. It wasn’t exciting, but the emotion he showed made it memorable. Vin Scully’s passing a reminder to celebrate legendary broadcasters and the moments they immortalize WWW.SATURDAYDOWNSOUTH.COM Vin Scully is a reminder to celebrate all that is great about sports, including those who narrate the action.
  6. They’re part of the team. Just like the band, trainers, equipment folks, etc. They all influence the game and fan experience.
  7. The UGA game will be telling. I’m glad that’s the one Oregon leads off with.
  8. I don’t think they’ll be irrelevant. The Big 10 West is Wisconsin and a bunch of cupcakes. USC will probably play in the championship game most years. They may also win their share of B1G titles. I don’t think Day is any better than Riley when it comes to coaching and recruiting. They’ll be even from a talent standpoint in a few years. I just don’t think it will happen immediately like all the pundits say.
  9. They was a kid named Jayden Nolen out of Sacramento who had a pretty good showing. He’s an unrated DB with good size and ball skills. I hope the Ducks get the jump on him. Every 4-5 star was a nobody at some point.
  10. I found this article interesting because of all the ties to the Ducks program. It goes to show you that “slam dunk” hires are not always what they seem. Neither are the non-splashy hires. This year’s rash of coaching hires will turn out the same way. There will be a lot of big names looking for jobs in 3 or 4 years. The author’s opinion on Mario’s updated ranking is interesting, but I think he got it right. I also think they got the Jonathan Smith’s re-ranking absolutely correct. He’s definitely top 3 in that class. Nearly 5 years later, we can already say that the 2017 coaching cycle was a total train wreck WWW.SATURDAYDOWNSOUTH.COM It's crazy to think about how quickly that cycle went south.
  11. With the new rules that were suggested with regard to transfers, ink on the paper may be meaningless.
  12. Yeah, but PK is a business man. I don’t know if paying an 18 year old 10X the money he payed Jordan in his first shoe contract makes good business sense to him. Especially if the dude transfers after his payday. Oregon needs players for sure, but not guys like Quinn Ewers. A&M and Texas set a precedent of free $$$ for everybody because they have a ton of wealthy boosters who are embarrassed they haven’t won in years. Uncle Phil doesn’t strike me as that type. He’s the kind of guy who is glad to give but also have something to show for it (I.e. facilities, gear/equipment, etc.). I’m sure he would give a great NIL deal to a proven player, but giving huge money to a HS player doesn’t make good business sense.
  13. I read this earlier. Oregon is the only remaining PAC 12 team (LA schools not included) in the top 35. Miami is 10 which seems surprising, but they do have 5 championships and a 30 for 30 special on ESPN.
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