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  1. Great recruiter and DB coach. Pretty good DC. Only likes kids with big brains, though.
  2. I have to admit that I found great solace in Dye not getting a Pac 12 championship ring in garnet and gold. Is that petty? Sure.
  3. If he thought Eugene was cold… Then again, he’s fresh out of Florida schools.
  4. Brohm is a HC and he’s very much in demand. I doubt he would take a OC job.
  5. USC will probably lock him up. I’m curious if his brother stays.
  6. I’m hearing Brohm from Purdue. He just won the B1G West and is a former UL QB.
  7. Some folks get disinterested when their team doesn’t win enough (see Stanford, Cal, Miami, etc.). They just don’t make the effort to show up if they feel the team isn’t making the effort to win. Why throw your heart and souls behind a bunch of dudes who just don’t care (once again, see Miami). From a national perception, Duck fans are the epitome of fair weather fans. You can see it on TV during home games. Empty seats everywhere except for a big game and even then the stands will have 25-35% opposing colors (see Nebraska, Tennessee, BYU, etc). Not to mention, getting outsold at bowl games by a 3 to 1 margin. However, the Pac 12 scheduling gurus can take some of the blame as well. As far as readers go, I don’t blame somebody for not reading about the team after two losses like the fuskie/Beavis games. Nobody wants to re-live those games in print or on the PAC-12 Channel “Football in 60”. Sometimes it’s best to take a week off and decompress.
  8. The cruddy thing about this situation is that the majority of Heisman votes have been submitted already. I personally like Herndon Hooker just because of his body of work. I don’t think Williams is even 1st Team All-Pac.
  9. It seems that Mr. Heisman had some unique finger nail art for the Utes. The sorry thing about this is that Fox Sports analysts/clowns Reggie Bush and Matt Leinhart were at the salon with him when he did it. It was all part of the pre-game show. Anyway, I don’t think the Utes were too impressed. Caleb Williams sends explicit message to Utah with nail art for Pac-12 Championship Game WWW.SATURDAYDOWNSOUTH.COM Caleb Williams paints a message for Utah on his nails.
  10. An Oregon/USC championship game would’ve ended up like our UW or OSU game give or take 7 points. Ducks defense is nowhere near Utah’s.
  11. It looks like recruiting competition is going up a notch. This dude has access to any HS in the nation based on his name. Just look at what he did at JSU. Sources - Deion Sanders preparing to accept Colorado coaching job WWW.ESPN.COM Jackson State coach Deion Sanders is preparing to take the head coaching job at Colorado, sources told ESPN.
  12. This looks like the top 4 of the Pac 12. Utah - Rose USC - Alamo UW - Holiday Ducks - Sun
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