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  1. Well, except I don't think TX and OK were on board with that idea.
  2. I wonder how that would work, as SEC schools seem reluctant to cross the Rockies.
  3. and maybe basketball, but what will all the conference hopping that's happened and is to come do to the non-revenue sports? Football and men's basketball can afford (at least at present) to go all over the country to play, but what will having to travel to the Midwest and East Coast on a regular basis do to non-revenue teams on the West Coast? Hopping down to the Bay area or up to Seattle is one thing, but traveling to Iowa, Ohio, New Jersey every year? That's a lot more $$$. Will athletic departments be will to spend to keep non-revenue sports going?
  4. I wonder how USC and UCLA fans feel about this, at least the ones who travel to an away game or two or four. Pretty easy to zip up to Cal & Stanford, fairly easy to get to Oregon and Seattle. Not such a quick trip going to the Midwest.
  5. The California players at USC and UCLA may find it interesting playing in Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio in late October and into November on a regular basis. Brrr.
  6. Wow. That will be so weird. Guess nothing stays the same forever. Wonder if the rest of the PAC will want to join with Big 10 to form a really super-sized (you want fries with that?) conference.
  7. I wonder, over the years, when all is said and done, how much have the number of stars per player has mattered all that much once they starting playing in college?
  8. The American Council on Exercise suggests an ideal body fat percentage for a female athlete to between 14% and 20%. One female athlete at Oregon whose body fat was 16% was told she should consider lowering it to 13%. Having too little body fat could impact muscle function and other body systems.
  9. I think it's pretty much that. Women athletes allege body shaming within Oregon Ducks track and field program WWW.OREGONLIVE.COM Six former UO athletes say they felt devalued as individuals and at risk for eating disorders because of the program’s data-driven...
  10. Not sure many basketball coaches would want to wear the bb uniform while on the sidelines.
  11. 3 PAC-12 teams in the Top Ten. College Football Top 25 Rankings for 2022 - AthlonSports.com | Expert Predictions, Picks, and Previews ATHLONSPORTS.COM A detailed look at the Top 25 college football team rankings for 2022 from the editors of the most accurate NCAAF preseason...
  12. While I can understand the reasons why fans are no longer allowed to attend practices, I do miss the olden days when we could see for ourselves how the players are doing.
  13. I've always thought the "the" was so silly, but to each his own.
  14. On his twitter page it looks as if he has offers from Utah and Oregon State, among others.
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