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Recent Revelations Make It Harder to Blame George Kliavkoff For USC Exit to Big Ten

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Based on this article, it looks like USC President Carol Folt was the prime mover behind the USC move to the B1G as early as last summer while telling Kliavkoff that USC was staying put. 


"Champagne" Larry Scott certainly deserves his share too for putting the Pac-12 in a terrible media deal.  




We talked to @MarkRogersTV at the @VoiceOfCFB about the impossible odds George Kliavkoff truly faced in keeping USC from leaving the Pac-12.


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What comes around goes around. Especially for those that look you in the eye, then say one thing and do another.


Carol Folt and the Big Ten commissioner are 2 peas in a pod. They come across as 2-faced, arrogant, pompous narcissists.


And you know what? They act like it.... They are everything from my POV that a POS should be.


Neither one cares about the student athlete or even the new college level professional student athlete. They only care about the size of the check they get.


Uscuck has not been the top dog in the PAC for 14 years. They will never be the top dog in the BIG. If you cant climb over the mountain that is Oregon you will never climb over the mountain range that is tOSU.


Wishing that uscuck and uclasuck get everything they deserve.

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