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  1. It's so difficult to wish for the little puppies to win at anything. It kind of turns my stomach and wrenches my soul. Now that we are in a one division, unbalanced schedule format there exists scenarios where an 8-1 team is left out of the title game. And that includes our Ducks. IMHO, both the bruins and little puppies are overrated and have had soft schedules. However the Bruins will not get past the Utes, sc traitors or Oregon. The Bruins will have 3 losses in conference. So my pull is for the bruins to win. Would love for OBD's to hand the stench up north their 2nd loss. Under this format the only way to ensure a 4th straight title game is to go 9-0 in conference. Pethaps the only way for the Ducks to make it to the CFP is to beat a 13-0 usc traitor team. Debbieduck is right, the higher the ranked teams we beat, the better road to the CFP. GO DUCKS!
  2. In PAC play the Furd or Tree or whatever have surrendered 40.5 points per game. The traitors and little pups can put up points. So can our Ducks! As long as Bo and the offensive unit plays solid and mistake free then the Ducks will put up 40 plus points! Now Shaw has stifled some high powered Duck offenses before. Those Furd teams had multiple future NFL players, this squad maybe not as many. The game could be a blowout if the Duck D plays like they did the first 3 quarters of the BYU game. Who knows? Go Ducks......
  3. What an awesome day. A double decker dessert! MIami loses with its no scoring offensive gane plan. And the Canes send their fans home warly. Oregon wins with a wild surge in the last 3 minutes. WOW....... Now the Beavers can put the cherry on the top by beating the sc traitors.
  4. Now that the PAC moved to a single division the margin for error is zero. All you can control are the games on your schedule and winning those games. The sc traitors, with their 2 faced school president, dont face our Ducks or huskies this year. What an amazing scheduling break....... So who do you think in the PAC, besides Utah, can beat sc? Besides the Utes, Beavus and Wazzu may be their toughest opponents. The traitors have a soft schedule..... Consider this, lets just say that sc beats Utah and runs the table. They finish 9-0 in conference. If Utah beats us and finishes 8-1, then the Ducks are headed to San Antonio for another riveting Alamo Bowl. That thought is not inspiring. The CFP is a long shot for OBD's. If the stars align and we get an invite that would be amazing. The PAC Championship and Rose Bowl should be the goal. The Ducks need help from other schools to beat the sc traitors and keep them out of the PAC title game. IMHO, sc making the CFP, the PAC title game or even the Rose Bowl is not in the best interest of the PAC 10 and its members. Stop and ponder how much damage that lying, 2 faced sc president did to the PAC. She blocked Texas and OU to the conference, then she blocked expansion with other BIG 12 teams last year. At that time the PAC was in the drivers seat. She touted conference tradition, history and Rose Bowl for standing pat. All while planning their escape to the BIG. Sorry for the rant Forum mrmbers but I will only support conference members. sc is a BIG member and as always since 1958 my support is for the PAC. Come on you pesky Rodents start the traitors out right on their 2 year farewell tour! Beat their butts off GO DUCKS, too!
  5. Thanks Alex for the topic and article.As the 2022 season unfolds in front of us, the points you make are right on the numbers. The same bullett points will keep coming up ● Can the D Backs cover ● Can the front 7 get to the QB ● Will the D create any turnovers ● Will TT and JB be able to step In if Bo were to be injured For me, its still to early to have enough answers. I agree with you that we have seen solid and promising improvement by the Ducks on both sides of the ball. Very encouraging for us fans. Against the Cougars, the D will get ample opportunies to force turnovers, bring pressure and get a few sacks. As long as Bo and the offense keep scoring at will then Ward will put that ball up over 40 times. He has had some reckless throws in his first 3 games. Time for the Ducks to make some big time plays. I, like you appreciate Bo's aggressive running. He isnt running for his life. He is running with a purpose to make first downs or score TD's. Still the risk of injury is there. That means that after any given play either TT or JB will be running the offense. The learning curve will cause some problems and turnovers. I believe, in the long run, that learning curve will be worth it. Hope many Ducks step up and have their breakout game against the Cougars. GO DUCKS!
  6. DazeNconfused, well thought out and explained article. Thank you and best wishes for a complete recovery. When i watched the Cougar/Badger game, I was certainly caught up in the moment. The smaller Coug D stacked the box and stopped the run. They played man coverage on most plays. The Badgers receivers could not get separation. I expect the Ducks will keep the Cougs D off balance and guessing. Give Bo the time to throw and Duck receivers will get open. Whrn the Badger D got pressure on Ward he was less effecrive. This is a good time for the Duck D to have a break thru effort. Make it a long day for Ward. Pressure, pressure and more pressure. The Badgers made critical mistakes that cost them the game against Wazzu. Oregon wont be that careless. As you concluded the Ducks will win this game! Go Ducks..........
  7. Great comments, thoughts,and ideas on this thread. Their are pros and cons to streaming just as with cable. Right now Fox and ESPN have great control over game times. Long before most of the PAC teams kickoff both those networks have made their money. Do you think that Amazon or Apple would have the #15 team in the country kicking off at 11 pm est? No way....... The best PAC games would dominate the 4 or 5 pst slots or 7 or 8 est. Just as Amazon provides easy shopping for their customers they can provide easy viewing. Better scheduling and conference expansion could provide at least one game a week in the noon or 1 pm pst zone. Fox shot their money on the all in BIG media rights contract. Not much left over for the PAC or BIG12. ESPN is cost cutting and strapped for cash. Thus the low ball offer to the PAC. I am all for the PAC being on cable and Amazon. More eyeballs and more money. Let ESPN be in the 2nd position. They gave a second rate offer to the PAC. On a few threads we have seen some valid comments about Amazon cutting back. Upon further investigation they are closing many outdated facilities around the world. They are building many new state of the art distribution centers, also. A few money managers have forcast a 10-20% revenue drop for Amazon. I have no idea if thats factual. Our own business has dropped about 10% this year. But lets put this in proper perspective. Amazon revenues, i read, not confirmed, were about $460 billion. If they drop 10% then their revenues are $414 billion. Hardly falling on hard times. What better way to advertise your sellable goods by oening your own streaming service. Cable needs subscribers and TV sets. Amazon simply needs content for its 300 million plus subscribers. GO DUCKS........
  8. This is a great question. Consider ALL the Duck defenders are simply true freshmen in this new system. They all are learning their assignments and to trust each other. Maybe they need a little more time for the true leaders to emerge. I agree with Augduck that Williams and Bennett may be emerging. They are very experienced and leading by example. Dorlus and Johnson are coming on strong. Let's hope this unit puts it all together this weekend on the Palouse. GO DUCKS!
  9. This is Bo's team. He put the Georgia game behind him. Then rallied and led the team to back to back victories. Can any of the gray beards or stat masters remember when a Duck team scored on 15 of 17 drives? The Duck receivers will be tested by the Cougar defenders this week. Against the Badgers, the Cougs loaded the box to stop the run. The Dbacks played man coverage. The Badger receivers could not get separation from those defenders. Mic and Charles, i believe the Duck receivers will and can get separation. Some designed rollouts for Bo will keep the Cougs guessing. As long as the Ducks O line plays to their strengths, Bo and the skill position players will score and score often. Minimize penalties and take care of the ball. Martin Stadium will be a mad house so the Ducks need to keep their composure. I personally feel that the Duck D will give Ward fits and get some turnovers. In 1958, first day of school in first grade, i met 4 new life long friends. Spokane, Washington is Cougar country. They all have season tickets and will be rooting the Cougs on. Make me proud Ducks. The Cougars cannot beat you. Only the Ducks can beat the Ducks. GO DUCKS! Keep me and all the Ducks fanbase hapoy.
  10. Drex, fun article and a good read. Thanks.. .... Scoring on 15 of 17 possessions will take the energy out of any defense. Proper execution of Dilly's offense keeps the defense off balamce and allows the O to pile up points. Both, EWU and BYU, staffs and players had no answer. The fight went right out of them. The Ducks D made stops and the opponents fell further and further behind. Lets give the next Cougars the same treatment. Most on this forum were unhappy with Bo and his mistakes. Myself included. Bo and the offense moved the ball well against The Dawgs. Mistakes were the Ducks undoing. Eliminate the mistakes and scoring on 15 of 17 drives can be the result. Bo showed leadership, smarts, determination and grit. 3 of his incompletions were smart throw aways. Well done Bo. So its off to the Palouse. Should be a high scoring affair.... GO DUCKS!
  11. Pennsylvania Duck, if Amazon inks a deal with the PAC they wont be doing it to just ink the PAC after dark games. In the non conference schedule they would have a potential for 30 plus games, if PAC stays at 10 teams. This non con count could be expanded by going to 12-16 teams. Expanding into the central time zone could create very favorable 10 am pst and 1 pm est kick offs. Remember Amazon Prime already has subscribers that they WANT content for. Unlike the networks who must attract large Tv markets to get larger ad dollars Consider that many on this Forum felt that ESPN, FOX, SEC and the BIG were creating a haves and have nots situation. And they would control it all. Proof of this is the pitiful offer ESPN gave the PAC. It was take it or leave it. Fox had nothing to offer the PAC because they gave it to the BIG. Once the PAC inks with ESPN most games will be 7:30 est and later. Amazon wants to build a sports division. Bezos has stated he wants to dominate West Coast sports. The PAC and a few more added members could help make that happen. However, if Oregon and washington are the bell cows then their games will be centered around prime time eastern time zone.
  12. When one of my 20 grandkids mentioned that NFL Thursday Night football was exclusive to Amazon Prime, I told him that would be 16 games i wouldnt see. He told me it would be easy to get. Fear, trepidation and panic set in. My sweet wife told me to quit my sniveling and whining because for $100 a year she had Prime. I wasnt convinced. On Thursday, at game time my wife came downstairs to the living room, handed me the remote. She said, push the talk button and say Amazon Prime sports Thursday Night NFL Football. I did and 20 seconds later i clicked the icon for the game. 10 seconds later NFL football. It was easy. It will be easy for all of you. My grandson called moments later to have my 6 year old great granddaughter help me navigate the process. He congratulated me that i was already watching the game. Another 4 grand kids called thru the night to congratulate my success. OBDF members Amazon paid MLS like 2.5 billion for games. This is big time dollars. Amazon wants content. They have a year round, ready made studio cast, pregame and game announcers with 9 months of PAC10 sports to gobble up and show. They dont have to worry about TV sets. They want purchasing customers in ALL markets to sell their brokered goods to. This can fix the PACs pitiful distribution numbers. PS: They will view ESPN and Fox as competitors to the content they want. This could be another step in shaping media viewing as they want. Gonna be very interesting..... Double PS: Thanks to my sweet wife for loving me.
  13. Wisdom and caution is the prevailing thought when it comes to conference expansion. And above all else, secrecy. SDSU is an option, maybe SMU. Not sure because we truly dont no the total landscape. It's to quiet out there. The only ones making noise are the BIG And BIG12 commissioners. Not a peep from AD's or school Presidents. John Canzano feels something is close on expansion and media rights but no one is leaking anything. IMHO, the PAC will try and go big and bold, depending on Amazon Prime and ESPN. Amazon is a ruthless competitor that plays rough. They may want to shut ESPN out of West Coast content or at least control it. Consider if Amazon paid the PAC $1 billion annually. Thats $100 million per school. GK strikes me as a go big or go home kind of guy. Time will tell. It took me less than 30 seconds to bring up the Thursday night NFL game. I will gladly take 30 seconds of my time if it keeps us out of the BIG.......
  14. Willie would have encouraged the offense to score points. There would have been no shackles or reigns. That throttle would have been wide open. 50 plus points a game with Justin in 2019. With that 2019 defense the CFP was a reality. Not sure about the defense after 2019 and how it would have faired under Willie. Both could recruit talent. One coach wanted 50 plus points a game. The other wanted power, control and one score games. Enough said.
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