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  1. Charles thank you for taking the time to compile and organize this article. Reading, then rereading the articles you previously wrote about Coach Lanning energized me again during this long winter off season. Once again your passion for the OBD is on display and in full force. You are amazing and just like this forum you created, "one of a kind". It is too early in Coach Lannings Head Coaching journey to draw any concrete conclusions. For me, many small steps or actions over a long period of time add to the yard stick of measuring a leaders performance. So far the small steps and actions look promising. As always the results on the field will be used by many to weigh and measure their judgements about Coach Lanning. Some will jump off the Lanning band wagon if the Ducks start 2-2 or 1-3 this fall. Others will be singing his praises at 3-1 or 4-0. In my 56 years as a member of the work force I have found that followers rarely understand what leaders go thru to build something special. I suppose many of those that followed Michigan State football were glad that Coach Saban left to coach teams in the SEC. After all his coaching record was not that impressive. Bet they wish he stayed. It was too early to measure Sabans performamce. Leaders learn and grow thru out the journey. It will be the same for Coach Lanning. So far so good. Looking forward to his journey. What a way to start, playing the defending national champs. Wishing and hoping for the best. How will you feel if the Ducks get blown out by Georgia? Win or lose then we will get our first glimpse of head coach Dan Lanning. It cant arrive soon enough.........
  2. Thanks Charles for putting some perspective to what we witnessed yesterday during the spring game. Totally agree the game presented a mixed bag of good and not so good. However, IMHO Coach Lanning didnt expose that much of what the end result will be or what we will see against Georgia. He simply let the players play and have fun. He let the fans have fun, too......... This spring game appears to be the beginning of the end of the bad taste that MC left in our mouths. Not to mention our brains. No pistol! No 3 yards and the inevitable punt! Actual downfield pass attempts and actual completions. Once the starters are in place this summer the repetition in practice should pay dividends. There is a lot of talent on this team. The defense could be a monster to handle. The D will have its hands full against Georgia. I watched the Georgia spring game. DAMN...... Their receivers get open and the returning starting QB was impressive. Their D could not stop him. But they handled the back ups pretty well. Again it was a spring game. But our QB's need to improve their decision making and accuracy against the Dawgs. Or it could be a long day in the hot, humid South for the Baby Ducks. Hope not........ Just an observation but Thompson didnt always work thru his progressions. He honed in on 1 receiver. He made it easy for the D. Needs to improve his accuracy and stop trying to just run the play. Work the defense and kerp yhem off bslance. Butterfield did work thru his progressions and found the open receivers. Too many drops by those receivers hurt his numbers. But he appears to be ahead of TT...... Nix looked comfortable on the field. Soft, accurate throws and in command. But he is too far along in his career to make bonehead decisions. Hope he does a self check and starts to discipline his decision making. All in all, a good start. Some red flags? Yes...... Nothing that cant be fixed. Go Ducks........
  3. Joshua, as always thank you and all the writers for taking the time to write and present these articles. Scoring more points than your opponents has always been the goal for football coaches. But that is easier said than done. IMHO it starts with assembling a great staff that believes in you as the head coach. A staff that supports your vision and plan for all 3 phases of the game. That staff best bring in top recruits and have a passion to develope those players skill sets. Then Coach Lanning needs to let his coordinators coach and execute the game plan. Win or lose, the players need to see the HC and staff on the same page. The previous HC often talked about scoring alot of points but throttled down his OC. The result was the near destruction of a well oiled, high performing offense. Charles sounded the alarm very early on..... So far Coach Lanning is making some good decisions. Good hires have brought in great recruits. Now we have to wait and see if the staff and players have truly bought in. After the game in Pullman we will have a good idea of how well the coaches can make in game adjustments. Also how well the players are being developed and whether or not the offense will attempt explosion plays. More importantly can the team execute those explosion plays and put points on the board. Lots of points. We wont really know for a few years whether Coach Lanning will be a great hire, an average hire or a bust. Its to early in his journey as a HC..... Be patient Duck fans because their will be ups and downs along the way. By all accounts Dan Lanning really appears genuine and humble. That in itself is a good start.......
  4. Excellent comments. But Jon Joseph hit the nail square on the head....... It starts at the top. Ask yourself this question: Are the 12 PAC Presidents trained and qualified to be making these types of decisions? Their track record proves they are not. These arrogant knuckleheads kept King Larry around 5 years too long. They cost the schools millions in wasted expenditures. I may be breaking a rule here but their failure to expand membership to at least 4 schools will cost each school millions in future revenues. This leadership group moves too slowly. Ask yourself this question: Do all 12 of the presidents really love athletics? I dont think they care in the least. Change usually comes from people who care. People who have the passion to bring about change. True change....... Officiating, expansion or media rights need to be handled by those that care. Handled by those whose paychecks depend on it. Do the PAC 12 Presidebts paychecks depend on any of these items? Absolutely not..... Where is their motivation to change?
  5. Kurt Rambis, great point about coaching or lack of coaching. Sir Charles, thanks for posting these numbers. On field results prove that some PAC teams are doing more with less. Since the end of the disastrous Alamo Bowl against TCU, the Oregon coaching staffs have underperformed. First, Helfrich in recruiting and social technology. He and his staff could coach lesser talent to great levels of achievement. They simply did more with less.......but recruiting poorly and created no depth. Then the snake and he who mastered useless coach speak started filling the locker room with talent. They brought in 5☆and top 150 talent. (Remember it wasnt that long ago that we couldnt bring in top 300 talent) But their player development skills and in game management adjustments were lacking. They truly did less with more quality talent. (In fairness to the snake, he kept his foot on the offensive throttle and scored points.) The offense wasnt broke so he didnt try to fix it. Unlike MC.......... The PAC is so soft that the talent at Oregon could win championchips and go to a few New Years 6 bowls. Inspite of the lack of development and lack of in game management skills. So here the Ducks roster sits with the most 4 and 5 stars in the PAC. Can Coach Lanning and his staff further develope this talented roster? Do the players want to be coached and developed? Can this staff build game plans and make adjustments to beat teams with lesser talent? Can this coaching staff and players aspire to put in the work and effort to become National Champuons? The opportunity is before them, will they meet that opportunity with preparedness?
  6. Really nice words of praise from the Georgia fans. Coach Lanning earned their praise by his actions. As we know, actions speak louder than words. Coach Lanning earned his shot as a head coach and Georgia fans recognized that fact. Now Coach Lanning gets to cut his teeth as the Oregon Ducks head coach. Many on this forum expect a learning curve for Coach Lanning and his staff. That is reasonable and i hope Duck fans appreciate that ups and downs will occur. Coach Saban didnt win Nattys his first 5 years as a head coach. Check out his record at MSU and first season at Bama. IMHO Coach is laying the foundation and prepping this talented roster to learn, grow and improve daily. This preparation will serve the team handily. Whether they start up (3-1) or down (1-3) the roster will be prepared by the staff to handle it. Handling success is just as important as handling adversity. How Coach Lanning handles that will be part of his journey as a head coach. Just as Coach Saban did. The difference is that Coach Saban has more yesterdays on his resume than tomorrows. Arent you excited to be part of Coach Lanning's coaching tomorrows? Lets enjoy the journey.
  7. You can see, hear and feel the passion from Coach Lanning and his staff. I dont jump up and down anymore but if i could i would be joining in. Well done Ducks staff. Coach em up and lets win the PAC 12 title.
  8. Big time recruiting victory for the Oregon coaching staff........... Traveling on vacation this week in California has been grueling. $6.75 per gallon for fuel. $335 a night for hotels was taking the fun out of the trip. But true to form the 8 grandkids in Cali brought joy to my heart and a smile to my face . ....... Reading that we stole a top recruit from Riley, MC and the always smelly butt sniffers was, well, Not only priceless but icing on the cake!
  9. Some recruits may be hesitant to committ to an unproven staff. They and their parents may not be sure of what they are getting into. A successful 2022 and a dominant 2023 season with a CFP appearance and top recruits will have a full vision to fit their talents into. Oregon boosters and the program may have to reconsider the NIL money available to future Duck recruits. Like it or not, Top 100 recruits are going to cost top dollar to land. Keeping top, proven players on your roster will be expensive. Think about it......... Coach Lanning and staff should have landed a few of those 5 star and top 4 star recruits. But they didnt....... It wasnt for lack of effort, lack of facilities, lack of brand. Why do youngsters who say that Oregon has always been their dream school go to schools who have zero chance at a Natty? Or zero chance at winning their conference title or division title? MONEY DRIVES THIS BUS....... Lack of top NIL money at Oregon may be causing these top recruits and transfers to get on a different bus..........
  10. Jon, only those with extreme academic prowess and massive egos will keep a terminally ill sports network on life support. Everytime a golden oppoetunity arises these ego driven know it alls pass on it. Perhaps our educators dont, cant or wont recognize opportunity. Professional do nothing educators are rarely business minded forward thinkers. They are normally traditionalists. If you cannot recognize its time to make out of the box decisions then pull the plug and hold the funeral. The board members and trustees need to send out 12 pink slips or appoint snd create a Dean of Sports position. Bring in a successful business person to work with other Dean of Sports. With the goal of growing a sports based revenue stream for the schools. A 21st century plan to be a big time leading conference.
  11. Drake, good point. Most big dollar boosters will want and demand results. Results or lack of results, over the next few years, will drive the NIL Pay To Play Bus. The crazy fanatic booster will keep paying regardless of the results. Coaches, not players, will get fired when the reality on the field doesnt match big dollar booster expectations......... Afterall only 1 SEC team can win the SEC Championship. And only 1 SEC team can win the Natty when they play each other again in the National Title game.... Besides, tOSU and Clemson, who outside the real conference of champions (insert SEC) will truly have a chance? Most all teams who get to dance at the CFP Party fall short. Nice payday but no slipper.
  12. LuckeyDuck the fever is truly running wild. The need for a hard hitting, well played Duck game is driving many a fan right to the edge......... It doesnt matter if its Obi Wan, Yoda or the Ghostbusters. Who ever can get the ball on the tee ready for kickoff.... Go Ducks.........
  13. Jon great breakdown, analysis and comment. This August the schools meet to decide the future of the divisions. And what rules to live by. The landscape and resulting fallout will make and break a number of schools. Just for arguement sake, lets say everything stays the same. Its possible as long as the SEC gets its way and can flex its God given muscle. At this point, i could see ACC schools jumping to a new conference. Getting out of a low paying media rights deal 10 years early could be appealing. I could see some BIG 12 teams leaving to join a conference thst includes heavy weights like Clemson, USC and Oregon. Those 3 schools being involved will automatically add dollars to the media rights. I could see the Networks in a bidding war to lock down eyeballs in Ohio to North Carolina to Florida. Eyeballs in the football monster that is the state of Texas to the 50 million plus eyeballs on the West Coast. And all parts in between. WOW! Football games from 9 am PST (Noon EST) to Midnight PST (3 AM EST) Over 100 million plus people. That potential would command big money. The contract should expire the same time the SEC and BIG media rights contracts expire. Position yourself to be a major player at the right time. Of course the only certainty in this is that the PAC 12 Brain Trust will want no part in this. Afterall the PAC is convinced it should just stand pat. Dumb...es
  14. Jon thanks for continuing to provide your in depth thoughts and feelings about the state of the PAC. Love your passion. The inexplicable decision to not act when the remnants of the BIG 12 were in desperate need of a helping partner still leaves the taste of a vomit burp in my mouth. Or thoughts of my ex. On this forum many wanted that merger while many did not. Lots of pros and cons. No real right answer. What mattered most was what would the Networks think about a 4 time zone mega conference? It appears the PAC Academic Brain Trust didnt even try to find out. GEEZ....... IMHO, the one way that the PAC can increase the value of its media rights is to win big time, high profile games. Oregon beat Georgia Utah beat Florida USC beat Notre Dame Stop losing to no names Stop losing bowl games Get a team in the 2022 CFP USC or Utah or Oregon win the Natty in 2023-2024 ESPN, FOX, ABC and CBS will give the PAC respect and money when they earn it. Stop talking about it and get it done. Winning the Natty will drive eyeballs to the conference. It will keep California 5 stars out west. Advertisers pay for winners. Lets play to win it all.
  15. All 3 QB's should get first team reps right up to the kick off against Georgia. Competing against each other should bring out the best in each player. If either Ty or Jay feel they are not getting a real opportunity to be QB1 then the transfer portal could be their answer to getting playing time. If the Georgia game gets out of hand then i hope all three get playing time. Gaining valuable experience in the new system to get them ready for BYU. All three should play against Eastern Washington. Get them all ready for conference play. Either Ty or Jay didnt earn playing time or the previous coaching staff foolishly robbed them of their opportunity for growth.
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