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Photo Gallery: Ducks Kick Off 2022 Season with First Fall Practice

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It was business as usual for the Ducks on Friday, who at long last put an end to the offseason.


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Would have been nice to know who was who

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On 8/5/2022 at 5:10 PM, Duck 1972 said:

Would have been nice to know who was who

The first pic is flowe looking jacked.


Then Jackson LaDuke and Trikweze Bridges, Patrick Herbs is the guy in the background with the knee brace


DJ Johnson switched to #2 and Seve McGee is #7 this year.


The three QBs in the red jerseys #13 Ty, #10 Bo, #9 Butters with TE group and RB's. #88 Herbs, #8 Matavao.


I think that's the S&T Jordan Love coach with a beard??


#49 is Camden Lewis, #91 must be one of the new kickers.


The last two pics your you need a roster to know who is in what jersey. I hate they let the player change numbers each year because the first few games it throws me off.


I know DJ, Seven, Ty, Kris Hutson, Isaah Crocker, and Bennett Williams changed numbers off the top of my head. Probably more.


I'll make a list of the starters and subs who changed numbers so the first game I can tell who is in the game. Happens every year


EDIT! Mase Funa switched his number from 47 and I got no idea what his is rocking now. It takes homework preseason to get it straight 

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